From Paris to Melbourne by train!

Tracey and Pierrick from Red February are taking a train to Australia. It may sound crazy and impossible but it’s true. An Australian and her French husband whom I’ve know for a few months now (thanks to two of my very naughty friends), have taken off and are now riding a train (trains) to Melbourne Australia.
After a quick introduction to snow and rain in safe Sweden and Finland, they will be soon entering the scary and snowy open spaces of Sibiria. They are currently in St Petersburg, staying in a youth hostel, that seems to be more of a gathering place for recently released criminals than a quaint little datcha.
Tracey and Pierre met a few years ago in some remote Chinese village while touring Asia and the travelling bug has never left them since then. I find their blog really exciting and keep on connecting myself all the time in order to prentend that – for a while – I am also travelling with them. So I invite you all to go to their site to say hi and perhaps, like me, you’ll want to follow them on their trip as if we were all part of this incredible adventure.

quaint & cosy in russia
You might think it looks scary, but this picture actually turns me on with excitment.

Petite Anglaise

This is Frog with a Blog reporting live from Parisian Celebs wild nights. Petite Anglaise whose book was released last Thursday, threw one of her glamorous parties last Friday to celebrate the launch. Naturally, Frog with a Blog was there, for your viewing pleasure. Hear how our hostess promises us a full-frontal on a future Short & Shallow interview on this blog. See how scared she gets while discovering yours truly’s hairy chest and finally do look at all these glam people drinking rivers of Champagne celebrating Paris Bloggers’ own Evita Perón.

Warning: These two videos contain explicit language such as nipples and ass groping. You have been warned.

I had to cut this video in two as dailymotion thought it was too hot.

Part 1

Part 2

KnK and Frog Teach You French While Penguins Waddle and Poop

Feeling for a new French expression per week taught by our favorite podcasters and your dear Frog? Meet us every Sunday on the new and extended Katia & Kyliemac’s French Lesson. Three sites for the price of one! The ever so popular K&K VO, K&K Teach You French and finally the K&K Tourist Tips to France. All of that in true K&K spirit, with a lot of talking, laughing, caughing, choking on Halloween peeps, making fun of France and the rest of the world and a little bit of facts as well… just a little bit.

Here is a little video shot after an episode we recently recorded, during which our favorite girls open up a present sent by one of their faithful listeners. The Waddling Pooper Penguin is the Valentine’s Day present you all want to give to your loved ones. Yes, you’ve seen it here first and I know already how thankful you are.


Retrospective 07

Wasn’t it high time you had your traditional new fwab year video? Here’s a quick overview of all I got to do thanks to blogging in 2007. Such a fun year! So many new fwabulous people! So many hours spent on the computer! So few hours of sleep…

Some bloggers I met in 2007 and who appear (sometimes quickly) in this video:

Rhino75, Petite Anglaise, Meg le Blagueur, Maîtresse, Antipodéesse, Adult Runaway, Ms Mac, Put your Flare on, Dispatches from France, A view from Ivry, The Bold Soul, Dumdad, Upstez, Kbykareen, Aussie Lass, Kylie Mac, Tricoquine, Francophoney, Matoo, Bedtimes Stories, Ikare, Widow Creek, Petite Américaine, Always Ace, Made in Taiwan, The Ryndex, Kosmogal, Henrisson, Holy Smokes.

PS: and a happy new year to the ones I may have forgotten on this list or whom I haven’t met yet.

Singing & Spanking


I’m on the KnK Podcast show… again! They just won’t get rid of me. This time we’re saying deep and meaningful things about accents, new French words, culture shock and reverse culture shock.

Why don’t you go and wish the girls a happy podiversary (‘cos everyone is celebrating this month obviously). Then if you want to know more about them, do have a look at the little video I made for their podiversary.

Entering Year Three of the FwAB Calendar

On August 5th, Frog with a Blog turned 2 years old and I didn’t celebrate. No video like last year and no looking back. I think I was probably scared to realize how much time I have been spending on this computer.Because, let’s see what I’ve accomplished in this last year of blogging:

– I’ve gained 5 kilos

– I’ve hit the refresh button so many times that I destroyed it and had to change computer. Continue reading