The Katia & Kyliemac Show


On Saturday afternoon I didn’t go to Gaypride, I didn’t wear any tight t-shirt and I didn’t put any feather up my bum. Instead I went to another type of gaypride, feathers & boas were worn, a lot of bitching took place and the fag-hags were entertaining. A combination that simlply makes the real gaypride feel like a quiet country music festival in southern Alabama.

Yes, dear readers, last Saturday, I was invited on the Katia & Kyliemac podcast show , we recorded a series of episodes and you can listen to the first one here. The K&K show – that has now become an inevitable source of information for English-Speaking expats in this city – implies being asked lots of tricky questions, devouring lots of DE-LI-CIOUS muffins and generally having a lot of fun with two of the most flamboyant expats in Paris. So please go and listen to this week’s episode and learn everything about accents, buttered bread, phallic microphones and why many Americans (and probably many others) think that I sound retarded.

Special thanks to Don from for the fab picture.


6 Responses

  1. ooo, now i at least have a reason to look forward to going back to france! *S*

  2. Darling, you have a voice that is MADE for radio. And you’re so darn adorable that it’s going to be impossible NOT to have you back!

  3. Can’t wait to listen when I’m back home tonight! Unfortunately am not able to do so while at work… 😦

    You guys are already hilarious on your own, so when put together, I can only imagine the explosive combination it must have been!

  4. You sound as divine as you look!

  5. Excellent. I may just give up on Radio 2

  6. I love that photos of you guys!

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