Tour de France

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A long, long time ago, I can still remember…

I used to have a blog. A strange site that brought the weirdest people into my life. Then I became a bit tired of it. Mainly tired of my own life that was not so interesting and I guess I joined the general trend of being “blogged out” that seems to spread through the internet these days.

In addition to that, I became more and more involved in other adventures that indirectly involved blogging. I met the crazy Podcast duo Katia and Kyliemac and gradually became more a side branch of their lives than an own identity, a spin-off, the Joey for these Friends. I will hopefully last more than one season though. Evidently I adore these girls who’ve transformed my day-to-day routine into a real shenanigan. Not only have I been invited numerous times to the Coffee Table Studio, but I have also been part of their fun “Learn French” adventures. Finally, Katia and I joined a theater group that took us on a world tour. ahem, that is to say, we performed once outside Paris, in a little village that no one has ever heard of. But since our life just HAS to be an incredible adventure, The World Tour of Frog & Katia is how we’d like it to be remembered.

So, once again, this post is about one of the characters of the most famous expats’s podcasts in France. In this new amazing FwAB TV production, Katia is discovering the joys of the Fête du Village in La Sarthe, west of Le Mans. For those of you who are crap at geography, this would be west of Paris. Somewhere between Paris and America.

We played in front of a crowd of 60 people (more like 25) that consisted of old deaf grannies who loved our singing. But that part is another story, and a short video of one of our rehearsals is coming soon. In the meantime, do enjoy a video of Katia when she follows our audience to the Fête de la Musique after our show, how she steals the show by being the center of attention as usual and finally see how the musicians can’t resist joining her for a good old singing session, (try to pay attention to how Katia pretends she knows the lyrics of the Italian songs).

So if you’ve you’ve been wondering whether I was still alive or whether I was still blogging, that‘s where I’ve been during the past few months. Listen to our discussion about our last visit to a musical here. And in this other episode, you will hear everything about our Fête de la Musique adventure. Finally, in this one you will learn everything about nothing.

Love from, K&K’s special reporter on the field. Risking his life for his girls.


KnK and Frog Teach You French While Penguins Waddle and Poop

Feeling for a new French expression per week taught by our favorite podcasters and your dear Frog? Meet us every Sunday on the new and extended Katia & Kyliemac’s French Lesson. Three sites for the price of one! The ever so popular K&K VO, K&K Teach You French and finally the K&K Tourist Tips to France. All of that in true K&K spirit, with a lot of talking, laughing, caughing, choking on Halloween peeps, making fun of France and the rest of the world and a little bit of facts as well… just a little bit.

Here is a little video shot after an episode we recently recorded, during which our favorite girls open up a present sent by one of their faithful listeners. The Waddling Pooper Penguin is the Valentine’s Day present you all want to give to your loved ones. Yes, you’ve seen it here first and I know already how thankful you are.


Strike: The Pause

Strike is our national hobby and the laughing stock of foreigners. But you are so wrong, ‘cos strike days are fun! A little bit of organized drama in our lives and great reasons to get to work late with a legitimate reason, a welcome pause in our hectic lives. For some reason, people get less aggressive than usual and support strikers, as strikers are always right in a country where we were all programmed to switch to the strike mode as soon as a rabbit farts. Most people would happily go on strike too if only they understood what the strikes are usually about.

My métro line was closed this morning so I walked. Typically, I had to travel to various locations within the city today and ended up taking the métro for just a short trip. The rest was covered on foot or vélib’. A total of three hours of motion, which is more exercise than I’ve done in the past 2 years. By the way, I thought you might want to join me on my way to work, so I took you along this morning. Next time, I promise I’ll take you to a demonstration, among the barricades as I know how some of you are eager to show some boobs too.

Ceci n’est pas un blog

Frog with a Blog and the inspiring Kyliemac explore the depths of contemporary art.

An appetizing teaser.

To prove it.

Learn How To Deliver Excellent Customer Service The French Way On FwAB TV

Lucky readers, last month you had the opportunity to learn French the easy way. This month, let me treat you to episode #2 of the critically acclaimed Learn to be a Frog series.

A post dedicated to my dear expat readers.

Sightseeing in Rome on FwAB TV

Ok! I’m drained. I’ve just come back from my vacation and my hectic sightseeing ambitions through Rome. So I’m actually more tired now than before I left. Thanks to FwAB TV, and if you feel like watching another of my nausea-causing videos, follow me on (parts thank god) of my rushing & hysterical sightseeing tour through Rome.

Sia, my absolute favorite singer of the moment, accompanied me on my Ipod through the whole trip. You may remember her from my New Year Greetings video. This time she’s singing eery & supernatural Numb, which is the track that is currently giving me mini orgasms each time I listen to it. Plus, the song gives a slightly soothing touch to my hysterical wanderings.

Hope you’ll like it.

Funky Home in Rome

I promised I was going to take you with me on my trip to Rome. Before I show you what I’ve seen of the city, let me first treat you to a short and really bad pixelized video of my home in Rome. This apartment is a delight, centrally located, enormous, well decorated, it even includes superb examples of pure Roman tackiness, such as richly decorated flowery plates and Jesus Christ checking us out.
I’m having a great time walking up the steep streets of this crazy place, am developing amazing thigh muscles and getting high on espresso at each street corner. Why didn’t anyone tell me one shouldn’t have as many as 8 Italian espressi in a day without turning into a hysterical version of Roberto Begnini on crack?
Sorry, but I have to leave you as I’m on my way to enjoy the seafood carpaccio place that Ms. Mac recommended. Then I guess I’ll have a gelato and drive my scooter with my windshield sunglasses on.

PS: And good luck not getting seasick watching this video. (I have serious Lars Von Trier ambitions, you see…)