Strike: The Pause

Strike is our national hobby and the laughing stock of foreigners. But you are so wrong, ‘cos strike days are fun! A little bit of organized drama in our lives and great reasons to get to work late with a legitimate reason, a welcome pause in our hectic lives. For some reason, people get less aggressive than usual and support strikers, as strikers are always right in a country where we were all programmed to switch to the strike mode as soon as a rabbit farts. Most people would happily go on strike too if only they understood what the strikes are usually about.

My métro line was closed this morning so I walked. Typically, I had to travel to various locations within the city today and ended up taking the métro for just a short trip. The rest was covered on foot or vélib’. A total of three hours of motion, which is more exercise than I’ve done in the past 2 years. By the way, I thought you might want to join me on my way to work, so I took you along this morning. Next time, I promise I’ll take you to a demonstration, among the barricades as I know how some of you are eager to show some boobs too.


13 Responses

  1. Such style. Such pizaaz!

    I only hope that next time you find more sinister background music. Either than or Funiculi, Funicula… That would have been entertaining.

  2. Hilarious! That music, it’s so dramatic. And so are you. Drama queen, you are.

  3. Oooh, I do love FWaB TV when it gets all dramatic with the soundtrack. And virtual tours round Paris, love ’em!

  4. vive la France. vive la “pause”! 🙂 the strike fever has not reached our shores yet… we can only hope.
    btw, your prediction became a reality about… 30 minutes ago! 😉

  5. You actually made me homesick for la grève! Amazing… (I usually cursed the long waits, long walks, and crowded, sweaty trains when I was there.)

    Ah, Paris me manque!

  6. Well, Frog, I was feeling optimistic and cheery about the strikes when I Vélib’ed from a friend’s place in to work this morning… But now that I don’t know where to go again this evening, I’m not feeling so cheery. I just want to go HOME… 😦

  7. At least the weather was gorgeous. 🙂 What was it like today? I heard it was pretty bad, compared to yesterday.

  8. Ton noeud de cravatte…ahahahaha! J’espere que tu l’as rajuste en arrivant au boulot?! ;-P
    It was very nice to see Paris so calm…I’ve never seen it other than teeming with people!

  9. What is “velib”? That’s a new slang word I really can’t even guess at…Is it like the “Segway” or something?

  10. Love the candle & computer screen visual. In fact you have a great eye for beauty!

  11. i truly think you are a genuis!

  12. Frog? Is everything OK? I miss you! Hope things are well…

  13. Miss you too. Hurry back.

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