One Night with Stella

Some more exciting pictures on Put Your Flare On’s photo site.


12 Responses

  1. Another classic FWaBTV special!! A 7 d’Or cannot, surely, be far behind.

  2. …… and having watched the film, now mine is too.

  3. I loved it! The still of Julien and Stella surprised cracks me up! Nicely done, Mickelino!

  4. I feel like a star! We’ll all be at the Oscars next year, surely?

  5. Oh that is great!!! Thanks for using my new photo. I guess we did not have any photos of me on the night. 😦

  6. Pat, it’s just that most pictures were taken before you arrived I think… sorry

  7. It really bothers me that my nostrils are not symmetrical and that you filmed them in such a vibrant close up.

    However, the thrill and frissons of meeting (and actually touching) The Gorgeous Mickelino for the first time, and the joyous reunion with all my lovely Bloggie friends FAR FAR outweights the nostril problem.

    And Ms. Mac will be so relieved to know her unshaven leg hairs are not visible here, thanks to Mickelino’s judicious editing. Give the man an Oscar right now!

  8. That was too cute for words! You all look like you had a fabulous time.

  9. Oh I wish I’d been there – looks fab – and I wish I hadn’t frigging deleted my sound software from my PC (stupid mistake I assure you) and knew how to put it back….the video was so intriguing wuthout sound. gah!

    Antipo is quite the clown.

  10. For sure i didn’t catch everything, but still i found this FwABtV very funny 😉 I guess you all really had a good time 🙂

  11. That was very, very cool Froggy! I’m next! LOL

  12. That was very very funny. I had someone meet me at an airport once with a huge Union Jack and funny wigs. It was awesome!

    I love how you got the ending just right!

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