Happy New Year on Frog with a Blog TV

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  1. I’m just back from my party. I’ll be in bed in a few minutes. Thanks for the video, this is tremendous, as usual ! (Et merci pour le clin d’oeil, preuve que je l’ai vraiment regardée hé hé, je suis TRES touché !)

  2. […] Mais sil y en a un qui a trouv le moyen original de nous souhaiter une bonne anne, cest le Frog avec une de ces vidos dont il a le secret, et quil concocte avec talent. Des images de Paname immortelles (et personnelles) et dont je ne me lasse pas, avec une trs belle musique, et plein de clins dil. […]

  3. Thank you Micke hon, if Godard had had a camera on his cellphone, I believe he couldn’t have done a better job (even if my mention is highly pixellated – I DEMAND a reshoot) ;D. I wish I could say I was just back from my party but sadly I’m on my way to work (ewww) and it’s peeing it down with rain. Lovely to see you yesterday, let’s have dinner soon!! xxx

  4. Joli.
    C’est complétement hors de propos, mais…. c’est complétement hors de propos.
    Donc bonne année à vous, un connu de pas moi.

  5. Beau beau beau comme toujours. Le montage, la musique… bref, en somme excellent!
    Il faut qu’on descende sur Paris asap 😉
    Juste pour te souhaiter une très bonne année 2007 😀

  6. Happy New Year to you Frog (with a blog) :))
    Great video, looks very sophisticated with a nice musical background.
    I liked the winks.
    Happy 2007

  7. Oh Frog – I am speechless! Once again an awesome video (I felt as if I was IN Paris for the New Year), and the fact that I get to be a part of it is just amazing to me. You are so sweet (in addition to being sexy, sexy, sexy). What a GREAT idea for incorporating your friends, and you used me perfectly next to one of my favorite actresses!

    Happy new year my friend – perhaps we’ll meet in 2007 (I’ll be in Paris in July as part of a larger trip which includes Switzerland and the south of France, too). Once again, BRAVO!

  8. Whoa… Excellent Froggy! Thanks, Happy New Year for you and Mr. B too.

    Lisbon loves you too, I’m sure!

    PS: I hate spaniards who are incosiderate and drive like maniacs and almost got my whole family killed!

  9. Oh that was superb…loved your music choice as usual! And the old Lady Eiffel looks spectacular.

    Thanks for that – and the wink!

    The best year to you, Michelino..

  10. You have done it again my sweet Mickelino. I had a lump in my throat. You just really thrill me and tickle me to tears.
    Vous me voulez dire si très beaucoup. Je vous aime comme un frère!
    Tout Mon Amour,

  11. AWW!! well Canada loves the frog 🙂
    Hope you have even more great films to make in 2007 🙂


  12. Coup de coeur musical pour ces premières heures de 2007.
    Très, TRES beau boulot!

  13. Hello…
    I often come here and never i leaved a message but this time i mmust tell you that you gave us a tremondous gift. For all those who love Paris. It’s so cute, romantic. Tears went to my eyes because watching this i was telling me how can he feel the things i feel. Thank u too for the music.
    Have a geat year mister “l”artiste”.

  14. merci pour ce moment de poésie

  15. Well aren’t you just the SWEETEST! What a lovely, wonderful gift! Now it’s official, you’re my favorite Frog in Paris! I’m sending you many big hugs and wishes for an amazing 2007. Bisous!!

  16. Well, well, what can I say? That was yet another brilliant video. I’m not sure if I must visit Paris or not with those sentiments flying about!

    Have a great 2007 and hope to see you sometime soon. If not in Paris, somewhere between there and Amsterdam.


  17. Les castors adorent les grenouilles aussi !

    Bonne annee, mon tres tres cher Michelino – et au plaisir de voir Paname, au printemps, quand elle est la plus belle !

  18. *sigh* I’m (un)fashionably late as usual… But Micke!!! That was soooo beautiful I nearly burst into tears! Thank you for thinking of me and happy new year from Champagne-land… we may talk funny but we sure are sweet! 😉

  19. Wow, great video. I’ve never tried something like that but it sure makes me want to go out and by a video camera. Happy New Year to you as well.

  20. Fantastic, creative video! Makes Paris look very romantic – something we tend to take for granted if we live here long enough. C’est superb! Merci bien et bonne annee!

  21. I’m so proud of you !!!!

  22. I missed this great video! A fantastic job as usual 🙂 I’m with Rhino, a bit hard to see, but it’s the thought that counts!

    Thanks love

  23. famous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    happy new year dear 🙂

  24. You really are quite brilliant! That was wonderful. Happy New Year to you too, Mr Frog! May 2007 bring you everything your heart desires!

  25. […] ikare C’est déjà linké chez Matoo, mais je craque complètement sur les bons voeux de Frog à la blogosphère. Sa musique me transporte… Foncez et laissez vous bercer, c’est un […]

  26. […] of the moment, accompanied me on my Ipod through the whole trip. You may remember her from my New Year Greetings video. This time she’s singing eery & supernatural Numb, which is the track that is currently […]

  27. Bien sûr ce post a un an, et je crois j’y avais posté un premier commentaire bidon.
    Savez-vous, dear frog, que ce feeling of déjà-vu m’ennivre. Parce qu’en ces images de la ville dont je connais la lumière, j’y vois se condenser quelque buée de choses passées.
    Navrantes ou pathétiques, je ne sais.

    Bonne Année 2008.


  28. had to re-watch it this year again. loved it. again. bonne nouvelle année! 🙂

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