My Friend Clint


One of the advantages of living in a large city is to run into movie stars when you walk down the streets. My Polish friend T-Bonewicz, his mom and myself were sightseeing in Paris last Saturday when we saw a big group of people standing in front of the Ritz on Place Vendôme. We got closer and asked some people in the crowd who they were waiting for. The first guy we asked said: “excuse me, but do we know each-other?” in a very get-lost kind of way, while the second one said Sharon Stone was about to exit the hotel. The third one said it was Shakira. Finally, my friend Clint came out of the hotel, tall and handsome, smiling at the crowd while T-Bonewicz took these two magnificent pictures.

A much more exciting moment than when I saw Tom Cruise on the Champs-Elysées a few weeks ago.

Am I totally cool or what?