My Friend Clint


One of the advantages of living in a large city is to run into movie stars when you walk down the streets. My Polish friend T-Bonewicz, his mom and myself were sightseeing in Paris last Saturday when we saw a big group of people standing in front of the Ritz on Place Vendôme. We got closer and asked some people in the crowd who they were waiting for. The first guy we asked said: “excuse me, but do we know each-other?” in a very get-lost kind of way, while the second one said Sharon Stone was about to exit the hotel. The third one said it was Shakira. Finally, my friend Clint came out of the hotel, tall and handsome, smiling at the crowd while T-Bonewicz took these two magnificent pictures.

A much more exciting moment than when I saw Tom Cruise on the Champs-Elysées a few weeks ago.

Am I totally cool or what?



15 Responses

  1. They ARE magnificent pictures! I always get so excited when I see anyone even remotely famous, I think Clint Eastwood would have thrown me over the edge!

  2. you are totally

  3. I’ll be taking a photo of a VERY HOT CELEBRITY on Friday night. Stay tuned!

  4. OH, Clint is much cooler than freaky Tom. Nice pics! I once saw Christopher Walken at Cafe de la Paix. That was surreal. He’s as scary (in a good way) looking in person as he is on screen.

  5. You are too cool! I love having celebrity sightings – I have seen quite a few myself (I live mere blocks from where Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain lived – and where he killed himself), and have seen all sorts of folks over the years. One of my best experiences was when the *DELICIOUS* Ralph Fiennes sat directly behind me at the theater in London during “All’s Well That Ends Well” starring Dame Judi Dench, whom I later saw with Ralph in the lobby! Let me tell you – Ralph is even better looking in person. YUM!

  6. Damn, Clint STILL looks good, even at his age.

  7. Hmmm! His voice and demeanour always get to me. He IS cool! Lucky you…My only encounter with ‘fame’ was Jacky Chan in Brussels back in oh…1996!

  8. He also just seems like a nice guy. No flipping anyone off, no breaking cameras just a smile for everyone.

    If I was a star I would be such a prick.

  9. Buuuuuh screw Tom Cruise!

    Hurray for Clint!

  10. These are GREAT photos!! I’m impressed… I shall have to look to my celebrity-stalking laurels.

  11. T O T A L L Y Cool.

    Moi is impressed.



  12. I agree, such things would happen to me when I was a student in Paris…. years ago and I used to walk a lot throughout the City.

  13. I once served coffee to James McAvoy (The last King of Scotland) but Clint, that IS another kettle of fish!!!

    Most impressed – and most jealous!

  14. You are TOTALLY cool. I L-O-V-E Clint. Love his talent, love his elegance, love his charm. He’s magical.

    Ah, how I wish I had seen him too… I love his hat!

  15. This really did “Make my day.”
    Hi Sweety!

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