Who’s that Frog?

MickelinoWho’s that Frog? (WTF?): I’m a Frog with a Blog which naturally makes me a French dish with a blog… After many years in Sweden, Thailand and numerous trips within Asia, Africa and North America, I am now back to my home country and experience the culture shock here as much I did there. But I’m a true frog at heart, I drink red wine like water, stuff myself with cheese, smoke at cafés and pout a lot. I love clichés and exaggeration as much as I love Shakespeare and the Eurovision.

Contact: zemickelino@gmail.com

I like:




food and wine


singing (out of tune. It’s hard to sing out of tune on purpose. You have to be a damn good singer to do that!)

dancing (holding my belt, acting butch)

languages (I struggle with French, English, Swedish and Spanish but I’ve also learnt Finnish, Arabic, Russian, German, Italian, Thai, Esperanto, Portuguese and Dutch, reached chapter 3 and gave up

Paris, Stockholm, Bangkok, New York, San Francisco

tartelettes Diego


my job

getting my back scratched

getting my head massaged

watching a town from the top of a tower

packing my bags before a long trip

having a martini and a cigarette on Friday night

totalitarian bombastic architecture



the sound of a spoon in chocolate mousse

touching things with the tip of my long finger

Art Nouveau buildings

brown eyes that snigger


gecko lizards’ manic look

awards ceremonies

nasty female characters in movies

people who sing whole-heartedly out of tune at cheap karaoke bars

I really dislike:

the smell of lavender

people who eat with their mouth open

Céline Dion when she talks

horses and people who say how intelligent horses are


when people cry at awards ceremonies

small dogs

old women who own small dogs


putting cream on my hands in the winter

some French people when they say: “Why would I have to travel, when you can find everything in France!”

people who take themselves seriously


Oh and there’s more: I like movies too, not that you really care, but anyway: Arizona Dream, Time of the Gypsies, Muriel’s wedding, Amélie Poulain, Borat, Woody Allen, Meryl Streep, Ewan McGregor…

Artists: Modigliani, Ben, Bacon, Pierre et Gilles, Magritte, Dali

My friends are ashamed of my taste in music, among the less embarrassing ones, you’ll find right now: Antony & The Johnsons, Pierre Lapointe, Emily Loizeau, Anaïs, The Killers, Madonna, The Divine Comedy, Sia, Marizia, Yann Tiersen, Philippe Katerine, Aznavour, Brel, Bowie, D.Warwick, Cornelis Vreeswijk, Lisa Ekdahl

Oh and I can read too! Especially Pennac, Dickens, Shakespeare, Blixen


17 Responses

  1. Dear Mr. Frog,

    Hello, the username I go by widely on the internet is “WEB.” I would have liked to send you an e-mail, as opposed to writing on your blog, as this is more of a private message. However, I could not find an e-mail address to send an e-mail to.

    OK, in any case, I am very much interested in worldly frogs, frogs who are interested in other countries and in politics. I run a politics forum called US and World Politics Forum. We are in need of a good frog. We’ve got Krauts and Yankess and Chi-coms and many others, but no frogs yet. 😉

    Please feel free to stop by and check us out. If you would like to register then that would make it more easy to keep track of any of the discussions on that forum you might be interested in.

    Have a good day, sir.

    Forum Admin

  2. Oh and I guess it would be smart for me to include the URL. :p



  3. Hi, I’m part of a project named one-at-all and our goal is to gather one person from every country in the world to blog about different topics

    I was reading Frog with a Blog and I would like to know if you’d want to join us representing France, just send me an email and I’d tell you more details. Hope to hear from you soon

  4. You crack me up buddy!!!!!!

  5. Wow, you know that many languages? That’s admirable. Dobry den! (if I remember right, that’s Russian for “good day”, or “ham sandwich”, can’t remember which)…

  6. Hmmm! Lisa Ekdahl, Brel, Emily Loizeau… That frog has a good taste. Or at least, has my taste, which, somehow, means exactly the same…

  7. what I dislike: people who dislike people who take themselves seriously!


  8. Nice froggie! must be a prince in disquise…liz

  9. hmmm chocolate mousse!

  10. I love Pierre LaPointe! His music videos can be a bit odd sometimes though. It’s good to see a good Canadian French musician making a name for himself outside of Canada. We won’t talk about Celine 😉

    Have Les Trois Accords crossed the border as well?

  11. hate to be serious but i thought I read in FT you are good with French Beaurocracy? If so, can you help/ For reasons I won’t go into I have a rather good Beamer 3 series in my barn in France which has been there for about 6/7 years. It was owned by a credit company (unknown). I would like to put it in working order and use when I’m in France. How can I get it registered?

  12. Muriel’s Wedding my dear FWB? Cannot be with you there. I watched the first 45min of it and I really couldnt take it anymore…Is it one of those movies that are all worth it once you’ve put urself through the misery?

    Also, I would like to be like you some day. 😉

    Good Night, Buenas Noches, Bonne Nuit, Buonasera (in the languages I speak); Gutten Nacht (in the one I tried to learn and failed). xx

  13. Hello, so if I got it right you are French… Living in France??
    I have to say I am quite impressed, I am french too, and bilingual, but it is so weird to see people with such a grat accent in french and english!!!!
    I loved the videos “learn how to speak french” and “french customer service” they are so realistic!!
    I would love to chat!
    Looking foward to hearing from you soon!

  14. Dear Mr Frog:

    I started a blog a few years ago called “Imarriedafrogblog”. I haven’t written in it in the last three years because being married to a frenchman is so much work. I hardly have time for anything other than taking care of L. Would you care to comment on why frenchmen are so high maintenance? My in-laws from France are visiting us right now so you can imagine how much stress I am under. Any advice on how to deal with French inlaws?

    Thanking you in advance.

    CBR (using an alias in case my inlaws read your blog)

  15. The herbs of the room, the ageless assholes of the furniture.

  16. Salut Mr FWAB,

    I was hoping to tap your indefinable and unquestionable knowledge of this fair city, Paris.

    I am a Melbourne (Australia) girl who moved here full-time in 2006. After being asked a gazillion times about where to go, what to do and see and where to stay by visiting friends and relatives, I thought I’d create a site that answers all these questions and more. So I traipse around Paris with my camera and take photos, then create montages from said photos (that you can zoom right into to get all the details) and write a little review. I’m trying to do five posts a week (that is a LOT of eating and drinking), and trying not to cover the usual stuff that tourist books cover – more from the personal perspective of a local.

    So it’s a free online guide to Paris for people who have both been here for many years but are always on the lookout for something new, and those who are here for the first time but would like to hit the ground running.

    Here is the site:


    I’d love some feedback from you (busy frog that you are) and your readers, or maybe even some tips (nepotism is highly encouraged) about places you’d like to see featured.

    I very much hope to see you in my corner of the blogosphere soon! Merci bien.

    A bientôt,


  17. Have you given up smoking or summink?

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