Short and Shallow 6

I’ve been seriously wondering whether I should publish this video or not as Kosmogal and I talk about so much filth in it and had been consuming so much orange juice before recording it that it does come across as a bit of nonsense. But since this woman I’m interviewing is too funny, I thought It would be a pity for you all to miss the opportunity to understand what real fabulousness is.


Therefore, here it is, walking back memory lane with my dear friend Kosmogal. We barely make sense but still we’re trying to tell our vagina story, discuss what sea cucumbers really are and various things that happened to us while we both lived on the other side of the planet. This deep conversation is moreover gracefully sequenced in a manner that will just amaze you, as we regularly give you a proof of our singing talent from our improvised home-karaoke session. Kosmogal is back to Thailand and I urge you to go and read about her adventures soon.


Short & Shallow 5

Let’s now travel to Champagne-Ardennes where poor soul Diva Vivi from Dispatches from France lives. A diva because she sings like one and poor soul because she lives in one of the most boring areas in France. The Aube region, near Troyes is, as far as I’m concerned (and I’m always right) officially one of the most depressing regions in France. As soon as I think about that area, I seriously consider starting a very long and costly psychoanalysis. Although Troyes is a pretty little city to visit, the accent that its inhabitants have makes the whole experience feel like throwing a chain-saw in warm crème-brûlée.

Vivi, as many of you know, is a diva and therefore a star. A blogstar. And as a star, Vivi wishes to remain in cognito on FwAB TV (which is understandable considering the millions of readers who read this site everyday). However, I have just hired a helpful FwAB assistant who makes this whole interview rather entertaining.

See how distracted I get when I see a nice cleavage, see how Rhino gets captured by the beauty of Vivi’s voice. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our very special FwAB guest this week, Vivi from Dispatches from France.

Short and Shallow 4

mailgooglecom.jpgAs you know, 4th of July is coming up soon and I know how you’re all craving for a nice American brunch in the Paris’ district where yours frogly lives: the frogulous 11th arrondissement. So why not join the American brunch organized on Rue Titon on Sunday, July 8th from noon onwards? Confirm with Kareen on 08 73 17 94 10 before July 5th then stay tuned for the Short & Shallow™ (coming soon episode) below with the Brunch organizer herself and learn everything about fluffy pancakes, exotic & erotic Tahitian words and exquisite designer Jewelry.

Short & Shallow 3 (Of Australian Soaps and Rhino)

This week, I’m remembering the very first bloggers’ picnic I attended. The one hosted by the internationally acclaimed podcasting duo Katia & Kyliemac. You’ve already seen a bunch of Short & Shallow™ Interviews with both our hostesses so now, let’s have a look at some other favorite moments shot on the day of our little encounter. Strange moments. Puzzling cultural references and floods of wine. Followed by another most profound interview of my dear friend Rhino75 aka The reincarnation of **showbiz**. More Short & Shallow™ Interviews to come during the next few weeks. Stay tuned…

Short & Shallow 2

The divine Kyliemac is our second interviewee. In this exclusive and **most profound interview**, I ask her about meeting bloggers, I tell her dirty stories that will have to remain censored, we laugh at Katia and her Australian accent, I want to hear about what motivated them to create the famous katiaandkyliemac’s podcast and finally my interviews become so popular that all the picnic attendees start pushing each-other to be interviewed.

Special thanks go to Rhino for his amazing camera work although you’ll see how angry I get at him when he tries to film other gorgeous people than just me and my **most profound interview**. I’m so tough, bossy and self-absorbed. My god! I AM really the new French Oprah!

Short & Shallow 1

This is the first episode in a long series of Short and Shallow interviews of some of the famous bloggers I have met recently. Today, let me introduce you to Katia, an Aussie Lass, lost in France after having met her husband a.k.a the charming Muffin Man. See how she tells us how she ended up in Paris and see how I could totally be the new French Oprah!