Short and Shallow 6

I’ve been seriously wondering whether I should publish this video or not as Kosmogal and I talk about so much filth in it and had been consuming so much orange juice before recording it that it does come across as a bit of nonsense. But since this woman I’m interviewing is too funny, I thought It would be a pity for you all to miss the opportunity to understand what real fabulousness is.


Therefore, here it is, walking back memory lane with my dear friend Kosmogal. We barely make sense but still we’re trying to tell our vagina story, discuss what sea cucumbers really are and various things that happened to us while we both lived on the other side of the planet. This deep conversation is moreover gracefully sequenced in a manner that will just amaze you, as we regularly give you a proof of our singing talent from our improvised home-karaoke session. Kosmogal is back to Thailand and I urge you to go and read about her adventures soon.


10 Responses

  1. Ha ha! I love the sped up karaoke snippets!
    God I hope I’m not one of those housewives that read your blog and would be shocked! NO WAY JOSE! I was in Bangkok in 1989, at the tender age of 23, my eyes, senses and sex edumacation were all opened up…Patpong certainly helped dispell any lingering doubts I had about what the human species (and/or body) is capable of! LOL!
    Is it a good think I feel nothing could ever shock me…? Hmmmm
    Very funny video. You always manage to make it creative. Love it.

  2. sorry *thing*…GAH!

  3. *LOL*

    It’s always interesting for me to hear about expat lives in Thailand…coming from Thailand myself and all. Although I guess that if I were to go back and live in Thailand, I’d feel like an expat at least for the first couple of weeks myself.

  4. OMG! How drunk WERE we? LOL. I’d almost forgotten about this. Haven’t been regaled with any vagina monologues this time around, but did meet someone who told me that he’d had an irreversible vaesectomy after 5 minutes of talking to him. I hasten to add, he was not trying to chat me up (although, if he was, what a line that would be!)

  5. You two are hilarious!! You sure there wasn’t any vodka in those orange juices? 😉

  6. I definitly love your videos even my english is… errrr… not so good 🙂 Hope u will make another great show for the next “Nouvelle Loose” 🙂

  7. hi my dear froggie friend remeber me (I hope so well you better) I am back my new address is whatalotoffun1 I can not access into my old account. Hope to get a visit from you.
    Hope you missed me like I missed you.
    Love you lots

  8. That was hilarious.
    I particularly liked the line “We’ve eated alot of ass”

  9. I can’t log in to my other account dammit. But I was all smiles, watching this. I am so jealous of the other woman, I am green with envy. Kisses my Frog.

  10. […] maybe next time i will try to do an interview à la fwab… […]

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