From Paris to Melbourne by train!

Tracey and Pierrick from Red February are taking a train to Australia. It may sound crazy and impossible but it’s true. An Australian and her French husband whom I’ve know for a few months now (thanks to two of my very naughty friends), have taken off and are now riding a train (trains) to Melbourne Australia.
After a quick introduction to snow and rain in safe Sweden and Finland, they will be soon entering the scary and snowy open spaces of Sibiria. They are currently in St Petersburg, staying in a youth hostel, that seems to be more of a gathering place for recently released criminals than a quaint little datcha.
Tracey and Pierre met a few years ago in some remote Chinese village while touring Asia and the travelling bug has never left them since then. I find their blog really exciting and keep on connecting myself all the time in order to prentend that – for a while – I am also travelling with them. So I invite you all to go to their site to say hi and perhaps, like me, you’ll want to follow them on their trip as if we were all part of this incredible adventure.

quaint & cosy in russia
You might think it looks scary, but this picture actually turns me on with excitment.

11 Responses

  1. Yay yay yay! I’m so excited about their adventures too. I think we’re ALL living vicariously through them.

  2. Thanks for the blog recommendation!

  3. That certainly seems like it would be a really exciting trip. Imagine, to Australia by train! At first, I thought it was a typo and was supposed to be Austria. I can understand why you and Katia would be excited. What marvelous adventures they will have to share. Thanks for letting us join them.

  4. Bonsoir, FwAB! How interesting. I’ve bookmarked Red February. I’m not in the market for a vacation until December, sans blague, so this is the perfect opportunity to jump on the proverbial bandwagon!

  5. How does the rest of the route work? They’d have to take a boat at some point though, there’s no train over or under water connecting Indonesia to Darwin that I know of 😉 Then again, I’m not from Darwin and they are a bit nuts up north!

  6. Nope – no train to Darwin as of yet ;o) We can go as far as singapore by land and after that we will hop around on the islands until we get bored or run out of money – whichever comes first…

  7. The Frogster,

    There’s a Dumdad video production that might amuse you over on my blog. Not up to your high standards but I’m trying….

  8. Froggie, where are you? Hope you haven’t gone off to Melbourne with the others . . . . .

  9. MI sono divertita con i cmmenti degli altri.CIAOOOOO

  10. Brrrrr. Looks cold. *slap herself* I’m a twit. I should be unfazed. I’m a tough Canadian. Grrrrr.

    Sounds awesome. And WTH happened to your blog? Nice relooking, mate !

  11. when i read about people just leaving their daily routines to plunge into the unknown, travel the world, meet people, eat weird foods and have a blast… i want to drop whatever i am doing, pack the bag pack and get moving! thanks for the link – it keeps me inspired.

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