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Blogmeet #3,457 and you’re invited!


I know I’m not blogging much these days but it seems that I’m not alone. If blogging is “out” then I’m “in”. Why don’t you join us on our new blogmeet tomorrow night in the Marais? We’ll discuss the joys of not blogging and compare the number of friends we have on Facebook and how amazingly entertaining it is to get poked 14 times a day. What? It doesn’t sound exciting at all? Ok, forget Facebook and blogs then, ‘cos the only thing we’ll do is drink, dance on the tables and gossip about all the bloggers (and non-bloggers) who can’t come tomorrow night.


Hope to see you there.


PS: Don’t tell me about “short notice”. In France the day before is considered to be “in advance”.


PS2: If you can’t make it tomorrow, you may want to comfort yourself by listening to this instead.

I Love Memes


Lordy Lordy, I have just realized that I tagged myself with a very funny meme. It’s called the Happy Meme and the questions are very funny and I’m sure you all want to play along. This is a funny meme indeed. I like memes, they are so much fun. Especially if they’re happy memes. So let’s start. (giggle giggle) Continue reading

Good News

Only 4 years and 51 weeks left.


PS: Ok, I know you’ve already seen this picture everywhere , but admit you appreciate my optimism.

Happy New Year on Frog with a Blog TV

Can’t watch the video, Click here.

Sankta Lucia

Yesterday was Lucia day in Sweden and since nobody can celebrate Christmas like the Swedes and that I suddenly got this uncontrollable longing for my former home country, I decided to go to the Swedish Club in Paris to enjoy a little glass of Glögg and look at girls in white dresses. The Swedish Club is located in Alfred Nobel’s former Parisian home. You know, Nobel, from the Nobel prize!

You’ll find me tacky but I love this tradition. According to the Julian calendar, December 13th is the shortest day of the year and time to celebrate Lucy, the saint of light. Candles are lit everywhere, curtains are changed, and children wake up early in the morning, dress in white and sing around town.

The sweet tradition also has its downside of course. Every year children faint because of the heat generated by the candles, accidents happen as other kids catch fire as the one kid behind faints, or girls fight in order to be THE Lucia at school… Lucia who had to be a blonde for many years finally got to be a black Swedish girl (yes, they exist!) who was elected Lucia of the year in 2000. A revolution and yet very politically correct as always in Sweden.

Hälsningar till de som läser denna blogg i fran Sverige. För ni är nagra stycken… och jag vet vem ni är. God Jul.

Sorry for the really bad picture quality. But somebody needs to buy me a real webcam for Christmas…

A good glögg recipe.

Wig night

Hi! Rushing out again, this time to Strasbourg. A bit tired of all the traveling but I should have time to go to the Christmas market and buy cheap ciggies on the other side of the German border. I’m trying to find a few activities there not to be too bored out of my mind at night in my soulless hotel. I’m thinking about going to the theater and a few colleagues promised to throw a little party in my honor!!! hurray! I’ll try to write from there, but until then, enjoy a few photos of my Wig Night from a few days ago. I just had to try them all, sorry, this is the fate of a bald guy, to pretend for a night I had colorful hair. To see what my hair looked like when I was a teen-ager, check out pic#1, think Michael jackson 1979 and you get the picture…