Halloween Special on Frog with a Blog TV

Thank you all for your Halloween costume suggestions, but as usual, I asked for your opinion and didn’t listen to anyone. Bad frog, bad! My idea was to dress up as a dead female singer from the 80’s but ended up looking like an aging queen instead. Go figure!
So last weekend I went to Amboise for a couple of days, visited the beautiful Château de Chenonceau, went to a Halloween party and had huge amouts a little bit of alcohol. Thankfully, time changed in the middle of the night and I suddenly became one hour younger. As usual, I took tons of pictures during the weekend and thought I’d share them with you. However, I know how you people are into free & easily accessible entertainment and how you don’t give a damn about “Picture night at Frog with a Blog’s”, so I spiced it up a little and made another of my cheap entertainment productions. Voilà, cliquez là-dessous et Happy Halloween to you all!


11 Responses

  1. Bravo, bravo, bravo! ‘nuf said.

  2. Was Fab Mr. B the pirate? 😉 what a mad party! I had heard about the haunted castle of Chenonceau, now i know who haunts it!!

  3. wonderful, wonderful THIS is your vocation Micke. I particularly liked the “magic cigarette” It all looks tremendous fun – were you being Dalida??

  4. Superbe!

    Really enjoyed that – great choice of song too.

    You are very good at these little films.

    (Such a debauched looking weekend..oh my!:)

  5. Wish I was there! Another winner. Happy Hell-oh-ween!

  6. Bravo Micke, bravo!!

  7. Frog – you have my favorite blog in the entire world! That was wonderful, as usual. Funny, well done, and entertaining.


    If I were there I’d give ya a big old sloppy kiss, and shout TRES BIEN!

  8. Hey Frog! It’s me again….

    I forgot to respond to your post on MY blog. I’d be happy to send you a picture of my tattoo in Sanskrit if you REALLY want it. 😉 And, Indochine is one of my favorite movies of all time. Attractive men, great scenery and story, and I LOVE Catherine Deneuve – brilliant actress and SO beautiful.

  9. That was just disturbingly funny.

  10. Who would have thought you make such a great blonde bimbette?

  11. lol… you are terrible!! hehe!!! You should make little films for a living. They are very entertaining!

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