Blogmeet #3,457 and you’re invited!


I know I’m not blogging much these days but it seems that I’m not alone. If blogging is “out” then I’m “in”. Why don’t you join us on our new blogmeet tomorrow night in the Marais? We’ll discuss the joys of not blogging and compare the number of friends we have on Facebook and how amazingly entertaining it is to get poked 14 times a day. What? It doesn’t sound exciting at all? Ok, forget Facebook and blogs then, ‘cos the only thing we’ll do is drink, dance on the tables and gossip about all the bloggers (and non-bloggers) who can’t come tomorrow night.


Hope to see you there.


PS: Don’t tell me about “short notice”. In France the day before is considered to be “in advance”.


PS2: If you can’t make it tomorrow, you may want to comfort yourself by listening to this instead.


7 Responses

  1. Helas…. my frog and I will not be able to make it. Drink and dance on the table for me, will you? I hope there will be videos. You’ve been slacking in that department lately, Frog. 🙂

  2. i wish…. i wish i could make it…. men desværre…. det er ikke mugligt den gang…. næste gang måske 😉

  3. I think people are losing interest in blogging because no one’s life is SO interesting that they have something worthwhile to write about EVERY day!! Once a week is more than enough (unless you live in Paris, of course).

  4. I look forward to the photos.

  5. It sure was fun. Next time we will record our n°1 hit “Princesses don’t give blowjobs”. I think we should propably book Bercy.

  6. Hum… and I forgot to mention, I’ve changed the URL of my blog, it now is Ciao.

  7. Missing you and wish I was there. Know you are loved, my Dear Mickelino!

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