Bossy Froggy (I know you like that!)

I neeeeed your help! Please! Your mission on earth this weekend is to find a Halloween costume idea for your favorite frog. It should be cheap, fun, shouldn’t require any make up and shouldn’t require any preparation effort whatsoever. My party is in a week and it had better be good!

Now get down to business!



15 Responses

  1. That is quite a task!

    I suggest rummaging through your closet, look for some tights, leopard prints, maybe some leg warmers!

    Dress mid 80’s women heading to the healthclub.

  2. Can’t you just wear a pair of short shorts and go as Frog’s Legs?

  3. wouldn’t this be a good time to fulfill that boyhood fantasy of being a cowboy? 😉 duster coat, vest with gold metal chain, leather look hat and red bandanna, black pants and GUN! Hehe.
    There is always the sexy UPS delivery man…

  4. You could always go as Adam from Adam and Eve. Just find a leaf and there you go!

  5. those are some good ideas! hehe.. i *LOVE* the picture 🙂

  6. Place de Bitche!

    And I thought Portuguese was a treachorous language! French is treachorous… IN OTHER LANGUAGES!

    I’d go with Ms Mac’s and Greg’s ideas.

    Or maybe go as yourself.

    Or find a celebrity you look like and say you’re him… Which is stupid I know…

  7. Just looked more closely at the photo… You look like Rubens Barrichello (Formula One race driver).

    That’s a start…

  8. I like Nyasha’s idea, although it could be a bit pricey. I’ve been running as the parents are here from Florida but I too shall look into this! Squeeze please?

  9. Dress in black and invest in some sweet tasting lip gloss and write “kiss me” on your chest. Anyone asks who you are say you’re “Sweet Lips”.

    ok, so that’s kinda silly but it’s cheap.

    And that sign is too funny!

  10. Well, I like the Adam from Adam and Eve idea. Please post a picture, too, if you choose that one, since I would LOVE to see it (yeah, I think you are totally hot). 😉

  11. Your nicest going out clothes (tux, top hat, gloves – go to town), blue face paint/makeup, gel and glitter.

    Dress with the first lot. Liberally douse with the second. Pretend you’re on the titatnic…

  12. dress like a pirate, cut out the front of a box of software and loop string through it and then hang it from your neck, and, voila, you are a software pirate! 😛

  13. How about the Jolly Green Giant?
    All you have to do is dye some thermal underwear, thermal top, white yard gloves, and cotton shoes green and then cut some leaves out of cloth, stitch them on a band of elastic for around your head, and put on some green face makeup.

    One year I was a can of sweet peas and my husband was the JGJ–we took first place 🙂

    Anyways, the party is probably tonight or tomorrow and you for sure have your costume together by now.

    Have fun!

  14. […] Thank you all for your Halloween costume suggestions, but as usual, I asked for your opinion and didn’t listen to anyone. Bad frog, bad! My idea was to dress up as a dead female singer from the 80’s but ended up looking like an aging queen instead. Go figure! So last weekend I went to Amboise for a couple of days, visited the beautiful Château de Chenonceau, went to a Halloween party and had huge amouts a little bit of alcohol. Thankfully, time changed in the middle of the night and I suddenly became one hour younger. As usual, I took tons of pictures during the weekend and thought I’d share them with you. However, I know how you people are into free & easily accessible entertainment and how you don’t give a damn about “Picture night at Frog with a Blog’s”, so I spiced it up a little and made another of my cheap entertainment productions. Voilà, cliquez là-dessous et Happy Halloween to you all! […]

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