Things are very strange sometimes. I mean listen to this:

I just spent 2 days in Rouen to audit one of my company’s offices there. For two days I sat with Englishmen going through every single aspect of their job. For those of you who are not too savvy on French history, Rouen is the place where Joan of Ark was barbecued by the English in 1431. The office of my company is actually located on the square where the first barbie took place.

Joan of Ark (may she burn rest in peace) saved France from the English but eventually got burnt by them while I spent 2 days grilling Englishmen. That’s fair I’d say.

In spite of my questions, the Englishmen invited me to the restaurant. The oldest inn in France. Can you believe that this place started serving food in 1345! Already 86 years before the first ever open air medieval barbecue took place (and still on the same square). So isn’t that amazing that my colleagues were thankful and actually treated me to a delicious lunch in spite of my neverending investigations! I conducted the audit together with a colleague whom I hadn’t met for years. We tried to remember where we had seen each other last time. It’s only when I realized it was in Istanbul, Turkey that I understood…


I’m thankful for coincidence today.

And here are some pics of the Thanksgiving party I was invited to last Saturday (at my friends Jean-Pierre Lamour and Miss America) where everybody had to cook something. I made the pecan pie and Favorite Mr. B made the unidentified dish hidden by crackers & cream.
Marshmallows on Sweet PotatoesPumkin PieTurkey & Garlic mash potatoesStuffingPecan PieMr. B’s Mysterious RecipeJP Lamour & Ms. AmericaJP Lamour fixing the TurkeyBlueberry Pie


9 Responses

  1. YUM YUM! That pecan pie looks DELICIOUS! It really does. Could you do a post à la Nomad with a sequence of pictures as you “walk” us through the making of that pie? SVP? And what exactly was in Fab Mr. B concoction? Am very curious! 🙂
    it must be amazing to be having dinner in a place that has been serving food for the past 661 years!!! We will have to drive through Rouen on our next road trip southbound.

  2. Oooh looks great..small turkey though..I’m going to a Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and dear oh dear the turkey is too big to fit into the oven.

    And oh yes – that pecan pie (one of my fave desserts) looks smashing. Well done you.

  3. Ok, here I am in the United States trying to IGNORE Thanksgiving, and there you are in France CELEBRATING it?

    I’m confused. 😉

    P.S. – the guy in the pics is very cute, though not as cute as our very own Frog.

  4. Looks delectable! Must’ve been a great thanksgiving!

  5. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think, a little too ironic…
    I’m glad you were able to enjoy a festive dinner. I felt rather stupid even asking you about Thanksgiving. History being my minor, it was a dumb assumption. None the less, it is as good a reason for food and family, friends and laughter that I could muster. So, I’m thankful that you were able to enjoy it as well. I will…
    Squeeze that Frog!!

  6. My God, you can cook as well as clean, make movies and be so gorgeous? Is there no end to your amazingness?

  7. wow.. that is completely coincedental in a not related but totally could be sort of way.. 🙂

    lol… still, coolest post i have read today 😀

  8. Sorry if I am a bit late in commenting there. I have just stepped in for the first time. Anyway, I just wanted to add a little precision: our cute little Joan of Arc hasn’t been barbecued by our English neighbours as it is usually stated, but by the French Churchmen! She had just been arrested and jailed by the English army which was doing its police job as they were ruling the place : )

  9. Sorry again, I didn’t mean to comment as anonymous, it was an accident, I swear 🙂

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