Wig night

Hi! Rushing out again, this time to Strasbourg. A bit tired of all the traveling but I should have time to go to the Christmas market and buy cheap ciggies on the other side of the German border. I’m trying to find a few activities there not to be too bored out of my mind at night in my soulless hotel. I’m thinking about going to the theater and a few colleagues promised to throw a little party in my honor!!! hurray! I’ll try to write from there, but until then, enjoy a few photos of my Wig Night from a few days ago. I just had to try them all, sorry, this is the fate of a bald guy, to pretend for a night I had colorful hair. To see what my hair looked like when I was a teen-ager, check out pic#1, think Michael jackson 1979 and you get the picture…



9 Responses

  1. Oh shit, that’s too funny. You darn French!! I gotta do it, too!

  2. Personally, Frog, I think you are hot just the way you are – no hair required!

    Have safe travels mon ami. 😉

  3. in terms of wigs, you both look fab in the last picture! Fab Mr. B looks fab as a brunette! 😉
    Picture #1 reminds me of Borat instead 😀

  4. bright red hair suits you nicely. the afro is just LOL material!

    not so sure about the pink and blonde wigs though… the blonde one makes you look like an 80’s hair metal guitar player (and the dude in the brown wig next to you’s the bass player in the same band!) and the pink one makes you look… well… just plain weird…

  5. Oops… That’s Mr. B. LOL Sorry…

    (He still looks lke an 80’s hair metal band bassist…)

  6. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, having an interview in 34 minutes, what am i doing blogging?!!!!! it is BCS again.
    btw could BH borrow one of your wigs tomorrow? He is going to be in the same airport as his boss, and his boss does not know that he is actually flying to England for a job interview. He is praying they don’t run into each other…. so, how about that wig?

  7. You look lovely in any wig Micke! =)

    Althought the afro wig was of particular Hotness.

  8. Excellent wigs. In fact, you can hardly tell their wigs you all wear them so naturally.
    Have fun on your trip. I think Strasbourg is amazing, but I don’t know if you’ll have time to sample the tarte flambées and bretzels…in any case enjoy.

  9. Trop marrantes les perruques ! J’adore la perruque rose bonbon !

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