Learn French in 5 minutes and 36 seconds thanks to FwaB TV


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  1. You idiot. I caught myself trying to do that shit right along with you, as if you were watching. Damn it Micke…I just love it! I swear, you were meant for this stuff. You are so creative and you never cease to amaze me.
    Vous ai-je dit dernièrement, juste combien je vous aime et vous m’hypnotisez ? hein ?

    • hi
      just want to say that i have a crush on you i want to have sex with you and sleep with you
      lots of love………………….

  2. You must answer my comment from the post from Valencia. I want to know. Squeeze till your eyes pop out, lol!

  3. Oh Frog! You are:

    1.) BRILLIANT – as usual! What fun that was!

    2.) ADORABLE – I could watch you and listen to you for days!

    3.) CRAZY – something I always admire in a human being.

    Kisses for those amazingly sexy French lips you have…

  4. You seriously should have your own cable show.

    Ok, curious minds want to know. Since you are the real thing, and you seem to be hip on all the language stuff, I would like to ask you what’s with all the noises you guys integrate into the French language?

    Well, there’s that oui noise, but it sounds like it’s an inhailed high pitched “oui.” And the “pop” or the “pff” to get the point across.

    What do they mean, and how many are out there?

    Maybe we get a lesson on FwtbTV on that?

    Your adoring fan in the other City of Lights.


  5. Mais il est fou, completement fou. 😀 j’adôôôôôre 😉 you must do it when i come to Paris, i want to see you doing this !!

  6. Ah does Jeffrey realise he said “Oh Frog! You are BACK” ??! LOL!

    I love the B&W effects and the harlequin face you have on that little clip. Of course, the rest just tickles me pink!! I laughed out loud (again) at work…ooops!

    Merci beaucoup! ;-P

  7. That was fabulous! A much more useful lesson than all the college classes, grammar books, and verb exercises. THANK YOU! So funny. 😉

  8. I will join Jeffrey Zacko-Smith´s comment: you are brilliant, adorable and crazy. All the features I also admire in a human being. And kisses to your fabulously sexy lips.

  9. Ok darlin’ – I got it. I will try it out today at the boulangerie – perhaps this time I’ll get my pain pas trop cuite?

    Heh heh — that was hilarious – a spitting coffee on the keyboard moment.

  10. Wow! This is very helpful indeed!

    I hope future lessons will include such important phrases as “Bof,” “Ben…,” “Tsss” and, as Ang04 mentioned, the “saying ‘ouais’ while sharply intaking breath.”

    With your amazing lessons, I shall be eligible for French Nationality in no time!

  11. I think this is my favourite EVER episode of FWaBTV – practical yet insightful. But I’m concerned. Couldn’t that eyebrow business lead to a prematurely lined forehead? I’m sticking to the lip work for now…

  12. vad du är knasig och rolig

  13. you are the master of youtube, no doubt. I second Ang04 in saying that someone should sign you up already and allocate prime time to FWABTV!!!!!!! you are so very FwAB! 🙂

  14. I think the next episode should cover the ‘Gallic Shrug’, a most important gesture to be learned before one tackles any kind of French administration. It is especially effective when combined with ‘bof’ and a raising of the eyebrows.

  15. Funny, VERY funny French lesson. The lip movement and EXTRA muscles was something I detected RIGHT away, years ago, when I visited France for the first time, RIGHT AWAY! And I even told of my peculiar “discovery” to French people there who did NOT believe me but immediately thought I was trying to insult them ! … Your video lesson TOTALLY validates my observations. Merci ! A.C.

  16. Beudeu geu deu!

    You are sooooo trying to get laid.


  17. I finally was able to watch this on my computer at home… And I about died laughing! You are so freakin’ hilarious!

    So true, so true…

  18. Je ris. Merci cher clown, car j’en avais besoin.

  19. Everytime i need to laugh, i have a look to this video, thank you for that pleasant moment, it’s so funny 😉

  20. This cracked me up so much! Loved the eyebrow movements!

  21. I think you are a national treasure of France!

  22. Ou etiez vous quand j’etais en train d’apprendre la belle langue francaise? heih?
    Ca m’a pris ou moins 3 ans dans une famille francaise au milieu de l’Auvergne a apprendre ce que vous nous avez appris dans 5 minutes!
    …puis quand je serai a Paris au mois de mai, est ce qu’on peut diner ensemble?

  23. […] 8th, 2007 Lucky readers, last month you had the opportunity to learn French the easy way. This month, let me treat you to episode #2 of the critically acclaimed Learn to be a Frog […]

  24. Daarrling….too much botox can’t do the eyebrow thing, but my god given pillow lips and newfound acquisiton of the “eu” sound is working wonders!

  25. wwww.myspace.com/ladygwendolyn69

  26. […] Learn French in 5 minutes and 36 Seconds […]

  27. Bahahahaa French is my first language, but I still HAD to make the faces.

    At which point I realised a work colleague was staring at me, looking rather puzzled.

    Damnit! You had me doing it too… I feel like an idiot now! 😛

  28. Brillant, I had a laugh to start my day in the office.

  29. […] Via  var uri = ‘http://impes.tradedoubler.com/imp?type(img)g(16940892)a(1427881)’ + new String (Math.random()).substring (2, 11); document.write(”); […]

  30. Brilliant! I wished I’d have known this in college… where I decided to study german instead of french. At least with german I could actually hear the words!

    I think your techniques might work better while eating oysters… something to consider.

    Merci beaucoup!


  31. So true! If I can expand upon your observation – while studying the language in France, I realized that I could fake my way through complex cocktail conversation with the lip, eyebrows and sound strategies accompanied with a few words usually in this order; et bon beh,(interject some part of the discussion) donc eh (interject), et puis eh (interject) , vous voyez, non? Et voila!, and end with circular logic.Tell me, did I not just make just the best argument for the discussion at hand? I most certainly did!
    A plus!

  32. Hello Frog, its me again, Sally, the American with the French husband. I don’t speak French but thank you for the lesson. I tried speaking this new french with my french in-laws last night (remember, I told they are visiting). I practiced the eyebrows and lips a lot before dinner so I could be good. I don’t think they appreciated it though. After dinner, my husband said “WTF is wrong with you?” My mother thinks you’re mentally ill.


  33. this is the funniest thing I have seen in ages…
    Thank you so much for making me laugh as much as I did 🙂

  34. […] This post is a celebration of the quick-fix. Once again, instead of reverting to the tried and true methods of learning French (practising with Guillaume, attending a class or studying with a textbook), I’ve settled for the far more reliable method of searching youtube for funny videos. […]

  35. Hey! by the way you know what, tht aint french! I am trying to learn french not say er and wiggle my eyebrows you pathetic twit! yh i sound 10% french but i can say er and wiggle my eyebrows, and you dont need lip muscle for french my 11 year old neice can speak fluent french even though she is english like me and she dont have strong lip muscles and wiggles her eyebrows when she speaks to be honest, i feel sorry for u and how u cant teach and your patheticness why, it must be a french thing, well 1% of french thing. well look here i found the 1%. -_-

  36. and by the way french just dont talk and not listen, there exstremely polite.

  37. your a douche

  38. your a Douche

  39. how do i speak french

  40. 5 words for your cocky personality. Gay ass fucked up creep, 😀 bet your not even french!

  41. obivisouly you dont know french!!! Plus they don’t wiggle there eye brows, and there not rude n dont listen. My mothers french and she was born there 😉 they dont do any of that shit.

  42. asshole

  43. like seriously nothing worked u don tteach me anything on this website

  44. how is it possible to speak french in %min thats stupid i saw the video already and none of that worked at all

  45. this is pathetic u guys sukk balls the video didnt work at all :@ u guys just say is easy cause u guys already speak french 😦

  46. bitch;)

  47. suck my dick french guys

  48. fcvfgbvfdr

  49. […] also have to confess to a weakness for the old Frog with a Blog site, where you can “Learn French in 5 minutes and 36 seconds” by mastering the twin arts of pouting and shrugging.  Print This […]

  50. Hi
    Thank you for your articl
    Is great.


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  52. Wow sooooooo anoying

  53. m, kmnj

  54. u are retard

  55. he is an total idiot

  56. lol

  57. bla bla bla bla

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