This week, blogging from Rome

Don’t you just hate me for being in Rome for a whole week, doing my favorite activity in the world = NOTHING!

Finally, I’m taking a well deserved vacation. (sush, I did deserve it!). I’m staying in a magnificent apartment in central Rome, it’s so big, I even get lost between each of the three bedrooms. A little video of the apartment and another one of Rome are on their way, provided my laptop starts working again. It suddenly turned mad last night, every time I move the mouse on the screen, everything it touches turns pink! And it leaves pink strays all over the screen. I checked for possible viruses or even spywares, but nothing. Are there any computer geeks out there who could explain what’s happening to me?

A few first impressions from Rome:

– I didn’t think it was possible, but everything here is even worse organized than in France. Today, I went to the Colosseum: One line for the ticket, then another line for the audio thingy, then one other line to leave your passport as deposit for the audio thingy. (ok, how tacky is it to get an audio thingy? I know, but it was either that or the live Aussie guide, who kept on calling me “mate” all the time. I don’t know why the sentence “you wanna join our tour, mate?” sounded more like “you wanna get totally ripped off by an Aussie Rome guide wannabe, mate?”. Give me a Giuseppe or a Francesca, but Shane (shine) from Australia (Austraylia) lacked in authenticity and didn’t really justify the 21€ he was asking for, for a guided tour). Plus calling me “mate” is one sure way to get rid of me.

– Very wide sunglasses as wide as windshields are fashionable in Rome. I was surrounded by Italian teenagers earlier today, they all had such wide sunglasses, I thought for a while I had ended up in a Fort Lauderdale home for senior citizens. For so far, the latter have been the only ones I’ve seen wearing such large sunglasses.

– Tight and revealing pants are also back in fashion. No retiree association here though.

– Italians like to read behind my back here at the internet cafe. Che cazzo vuoi, stronzo?

– I took a few Italian lessons before coming here. My Italian is very limited, although, as you may know, I have no fear and I happily try it out everywhere and all the time. None of the Italians I’ve spoken to so far, have answered in Italian. I suck!

– I had a “Ruin-overdose” this afternoon, I saw so many of them between the Colosseum and the Palatino that I just ran to the nearest modern piece of modern architecture, just to be reminded of the fact that it is 2007. I have yet to find this modern building though.

– I have never seen such beautiful churches, the details and the richly over-the-top golden glitzy decorated ceilings in Santa Maria Maggiore made me shed a few tears of joy yesterday. OK, that was a lie, but I felt I had to express the lyrical and baroque state I am currently in.

– In spite of all the beauty that overwhelms me this week, I am still thinking of you, dear readers. See what a generous soul I am…

Now, you stay tuned for some AMAAAAAZING videos this week (if I manage to sort this computer out that is.

And remember, you have 6 days left to send me your Frog Academy entry!

Basil flavored kisses.


8 Responses

  1. Damn, I’d been hopping for some spumante flavored kisses…

  2. (PS. Hopping, hoping, same difference)

  3. You are SO good to us. You are Goodness incarnate.

  4. fanastico! divertiti, caro!

  5. ciao, ciao bambino! Have a fantastic time!

  6. Ohhh. Watch your backside, wallets, etc. if you get surrounded by those wide sunglasses wearing teenagers. Most likely they may be gypies trying to hook a mark. Apparently they start them young, target in groups, and now a days have the advantage of high tech (cell phones) to zoom in on victims.

    Thank you for letting us voyeur on your trip. Sounds really fab.


  7. hey, did you see this? Could Frog Academy have some competition on its hands?

  8. A limoncello kiss would be better

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