7 Wonders



OK, folks, I admit it, I’m a geek.

What do you mean, you knew that already?

And me who thought you saw me as a stylish but slightly dangerous dandy!

Anyway, I love history and architecture and wonderful things. So naturally I love everything about the world’s 7 wonders. The only problem is that the original wonders have all disappeared, destroyed by wars, earthquakes, fires etc… except one: The Great Pyramid of Kheops in Giza. It’s therefore high time we found new – existing – ones.

A very serious organization is collecting your votes on the internet to select the 7 wonders of the Modern Era. You have until July 7th to vote! I’d really like to know which monuments will make it on your list. Extra brownie points to those of you who will put the Eiffel Tower on their list!

Now, make history and vote here. It’s an order!

And when you’re done, you can go there and select the 7 wonders of Kansas City.