Tour de France

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A long, long time ago, I can still remember…

I used to have a blog. A strange site that brought the weirdest people into my life. Then I became a bit tired of it. Mainly tired of my own life that was not so interesting and I guess I joined the general trend of being “blogged out” that seems to spread through the internet these days.

In addition to that, I became more and more involved in other adventures that indirectly involved blogging. I met the crazy Podcast duo Katia and Kyliemac and gradually became more a side branch of their lives than an own identity, a spin-off, the Joey for these Friends. I will hopefully last more than one season though. Evidently I adore these girls who’ve transformed my day-to-day routine into a real shenanigan. Not only have I been invited numerous times to the Coffee Table Studio, but I have also been part of their fun “Learn French” adventures. Finally, Katia and I joined a theater group that took us on a world tour. ahem, that is to say, we performed once outside Paris, in a little village that no one has ever heard of. But since our life just HAS to be an incredible adventure, The World Tour of Frog & Katia is how we’d like it to be remembered.

So, once again, this post is about one of the characters of the most famous expats’s podcasts in France. In this new amazing FwAB TV production, Katia is discovering the joys of the Fête du Village in La Sarthe, west of Le Mans. For those of you who are crap at geography, this would be west of Paris. Somewhere between Paris and America.

We played in front of a crowd of 60 people (more like 25) that consisted of old deaf grannies who loved our singing. But that part is another story, and a short video of one of our rehearsals is coming soon. In the meantime, do enjoy a video of Katia when she follows our audience to the Fête de la Musique after our show, how she steals the show by being the center of attention as usual and finally see how the musicians can’t resist joining her for a good old singing session, (try to pay attention to how Katia pretends she knows the lyrics of the Italian songs).

So if you’ve you’ve been wondering whether I was still alive or whether I was still blogging, that‘s where I’ve been during the past few months. Listen to our discussion about our last visit to a musical here. And in this other episode, you will hear everything about our Fête de la Musique adventure. Finally, in this one you will learn everything about nothing.

Love from, K&K’s special reporter on the field. Risking his life for his girls.


11 Responses

  1. Perhaps I shouldn’t be admitting this, but at one point when the people are dancing around to fiddle music — I know how to play that song!

    Even more things I should not be admitting — I learned it at fiddle camp twelve years ago! Yes, I went to TN for fiddle camp!

  2. Fro, darling! You made the french countryside come alive! I almost feel like I was there! Oh… hold on… I was. hehe

    Many of those songs involved a lot of LAH LAHs for me, cos I didn’t know the words. And there were more and more as the night went on. Cheap red wine. Mmm.

    But that last song? There is an english version! And THAT was what I was singing while everyone was singing the italian version. hehehehe.

    I’m just disappointed you didn’t catch everyone singing “viens boire un petit coup à la maison!”

  3. Welcome back to the blogosphere!

  4. How utterly brave of you to place yourself in such jeopardy for your loyal readers. Our hero! But why are you in none of the shots?

  5. Just think of all of the people those crazy girls have brought into your life. And the wonders of things such as Tim-Tam Slams that you have been introduced to as well. And it is very brave o you to take your life into your own hands and film such a diva.

  6. Awww! How cute….*yawn*….How I miss your wonderful blogging and personal videos!! You are most certainly not boring EVER!

    Frog, May I borrow and use your excellent French videos in my upcoming role as French Instructor for Special Forces at Fort Carson, CO, USA? Please please pretty please? I want you to be famous for helping ME teach butch men ze language of lurrrrv! Will you say OUI???

  7. Keep Blogging! I love reading your posts.

  8. If you’re interested in the US Presidential election, check this (you may have to click it a couple of times):

  9. A little late but, Happy Birthday!

  10. LOVE the pics of New York! It’s almost as nice as Paris.

  11. Keep Blogging! J’adore lire vos messages. I love reading your posts.


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