KnK and Frog Teach You French While Penguins Waddle and Poop

Feeling for a new French expression per week taught by our favorite podcasters and your dear Frog? Meet us every Sunday on the new and extended Katia & Kyliemac’s French Lesson. Three sites for the price of one! The ever so popular K&K VO, K&K Teach You French and finally the K&K Tourist Tips to France. All of that in true K&K spirit, with a lot of talking, laughing, caughing, choking on Halloween peeps, making fun of France and the rest of the world and a little bit of facts as well… just a little bit.

Here is a little video shot after an episode we recently recorded, during which our favorite girls open up a present sent by one of their faithful listeners. The Waddling Pooper Penguin is the Valentine’s Day present you all want to give to your loved ones. Yes, you’ve seen it here first and I know already how thankful you are.



10 Responses

  1. LOVE IT! music – great. Symphony – great. that was hilarious. more please… lol

  2. That’s obscene!! I LOVE it!!!! 😀

  3. Oh my GOODNESS this is the funniest clip ever. And you caught Symphony! hahaha. I am laughing my head off at my desk. And the music!
    You’re a cinematographic genius!
    What a lovely way to start the week, dearie!

  4. OHMYGOD this is hysterical. Katia, I could practically hear you laughing each time that penguin dropped another load. Thanks to whoever sent that to you and great job, Froggie, as usual with your cinematography!

  5. hilarious. good stuff frog!

  6. That is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I kept waiting for the video after listening to the podcast. Good work, FWAB!!

  7. ROFL!!! And it looks like Symphony wasn’t too sure about the penguin!!!

  8. Ri-di-cu-le…..


  9. well, where do you order it? I’d love to get the penguin for my granddaughter.

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