Frog with a Clog


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  1. How did you ever resist climbing in? I mean luge in a big clog — how could you miss such a photo op?! 😉

  2. I bet you couldn’t resist taking a photo as the headline was begging to be written!

    I look forward to photos of you and a WC (Frog with a Bog); a tree (Frog with a Log); a kiss (Frog with a Snog); a pig (Frog with a Hog); a poodle (Frog with a Dog) etc etc.

  3. Frog darling, we are destined to never meet. Here I was with Antipo all yesterday aft to evening and ‘lo, you arrived at l’oisivethé just after we had left.

    Probably just as well actually, my kids were rather embarrassing…. Hélas..

  4. Ce sabot manquait à mon vocabulaire anglais.
    Si à cette photo, vous ajoutez les photos avec les enfants à ma droite, je visite le blog du parfait hétéro…
    My goodness !

  5. @ Parapluie: Il est vrai que la proximité du sabot me donne des airs très “butch”…

    @ Dumdad: you are right, that’s the plan, photos with anything ending in “og”. Still looking for a poodle though.

    @Jennifer: I know, how annoying is that? Plus the fact that Antipo thinks I’m trying to avoid her. Of course I had to pop up at the café 30 minutes after she left.

    @Kim: That’s an idea I hadn’t thought of. How great would that be? There would even be room for the two of us in there.

    Look at me commenting on my commenters’ comments! This is a first. I am such a great blogger with exemplary blog ethics.

  6. FWAB~where was this excellent photo taken?

  7. @ Victoria: The photo was taken last week in Saugues, a village in Auvergne on the St Jacques de Compostelle trail (middle of nowhere) where I spent a few days last week. They have these very big clogs all over the place. It’s scary.

  8. And I thought the Dutch were the clog masters.. I’ve never seen such a big clog in my life! Do you know what it’s doing there exactly…?

  9. too. funny.

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