And the Golden Frog goes to…


For being so logical (“lots of Asian people in front of a Portuguese looking monument” therefore guessing Macao) and for being laconic but straight forward and right (“Macao“), the winners of this week’s Golden Frog are:
Nyasha and Vitor! (Applause)! Ok, that was easy for them, they’re both Portuguese… but still. It was indeed Macao. This tiny former Portuguese colony that was given back to China in December 1999 and which I had the chance to visit 3 years ago. If you ever travel to Hong Kong, do take a day to visit Macao, it’s just an hour away by super-speed boat and definitely worth it. A strange mix between Southern Europe and China where street signs are in both Portuguese and Chinese, where streets smell of bacalhau and locals speak Chinese with a Portuguese accent and vice-versa. (well I just heard, I couldn’t tell). Totally weird and fab!
The lucky winners have won a fabulous Golden Frog they will receive if they ever come to Paris. In the meantime they will receive their weight own worth of frozen frogs’ legs while the unlucky others get a new chance to get a fantastic prize next week!The answer to the next question: What the hell was I wearing?, nobody guessed it right. The right answer was “Honey, light-blue and corny hat, please send in the Fashion Patrol now!“.

Oh Look! It’s Macao!

In the foreground: Macao and the Republic of China on the other side of the river.

And the Golden Frog Award!


Wednesday’s little game

Question 1: Where was that picture taken, which city?Question 2: What the hell was I wearing that day?