Wednesday’s little game

Question 1: Where was that picture taken, which city?Question 2: What the hell was I wearing that day?


8 Responses

  1. 1. I have no earthly idea.

    2. That’s a jaunty little hat, isn’t it!

  2. hmmm…. tough little game this…
    nr. 1: asian people behind you, so i assume it is somewhere in south-east Asia. but the monument behind you looks like European, or colonial and above all…. Portuguese. So i will have to go with Macau….

    2. what are you wearing? NO IDEA!! 😀

  3. no idea where you are either. But it is beautiful. But you seem to be wearing a polo shirt, sun glasses a beret and carrying a tenis racket.. hehe. What kind of bag is that??

  4. I’m going with the Phillipines and I reckon you were wearing Dolce and Gabanna that day.

    Am I really that wrong?

  5. #2 a NormA Desmond turbant?

  6. euh! .. hum …
    well, bwoarf and at schtroumpf les zygomatics,
    but wize some tabasco please and a lemon slice,
    thank yu
    ( this was traducted by my friend SPIP )

  7. Is that the Fashion Police escorting you away? They’re an unruly bunch, aren’t they?

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