Memories Valencianas



10 Responses

  1. Please, mail me those music, some tears are coming with the first, shivers with the second.. and thanks for your nice words (you know what i mean..)

  2. Wow. Very impressive. The post was worth the wait.

    Who are the singers?

  3. Beautiful – perfect music – thank you for such a great start to my week. 🙂

  4. That was fantastic!
    Who are the artists?
    (I have red wine – I could go a plate of paella right now…)
    Welcome back dear Frog x

  5. God, you just are so damn creative, I could smoosh you.

    And what beautiful music.

  6. Sounds like Vanessa Paradis to me…

    Hello! I can’t get my slideshow to show on – *pout* WHY? OH WHY?

    Quel est le secret?

  7. What a wonderful trip you had, so lucky you are… and the music are great too… double lucky. i left your website open for ten minutes just to hear it again and again 😉

  8. ACK! Yesterday wasn’t it Vanessa Paradis singing? You changed it!! LOL! “Oh oh oh!”

  9. Frog – that is awesome! I LOVE Spain – though I’ve only been to Barcelona, Sitges and Madrid. Your pictures are GREAT! I love the song too – you have such great taste. *KISSES*

  10. whoa – you so fancy!

    love it.

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