Sankta Lucia

Yesterday was Lucia day in Sweden and since nobody can celebrate Christmas like the Swedes and that I suddenly got this uncontrollable longing for my former home country, I decided to go to the Swedish Club in Paris to enjoy a little glass of Glögg and look at girls in white dresses. The Swedish Club is located in Alfred Nobel’s former Parisian home. You know, Nobel, from the Nobel prize!

You’ll find me tacky but I love this tradition. According to the Julian calendar, December 13th is the shortest day of the year and time to celebrate Lucy, the saint of light. Candles are lit everywhere, curtains are changed, and children wake up early in the morning, dress in white and sing around town.

The sweet tradition also has its downside of course. Every year children faint because of the heat generated by the candles, accidents happen as other kids catch fire as the one kid behind faints, or girls fight in order to be THE Lucia at school… Lucia who had to be a blonde for many years finally got to be a black Swedish girl (yes, they exist!) who was elected Lucia of the year in 2000. A revolution and yet very politically correct as always in Sweden.

Hälsningar till de som läser denna blogg i fran Sverige. För ni är nagra stycken… och jag vet vem ni är. God Jul.

Sorry for the really bad picture quality. But somebody needs to buy me a real webcam for Christmas…

A good glögg recipe.


12 Responses

  1. Ahhh, reminds me of our trip to the Swedish church what seems like thousands of years ago now. I am, of course, listening to Agnetha’s “Nu Tändas Tusen Julejus” and thinking warm, Nordic thoughts!!

  2. I’m not sure I’d drink something called glögg…

  3. Bloody hell how many candles do they burn if it causes kids to faint? Geez!

    And thanks for the vid – now I feel all Christmassy again..was losing it there for a bit.

  4. I can’t get over the hat of candles.. that must be HOT.

  5. does their hair ever catch on fire? hope not…

  6. Did you drink Absolute Vodka?
    : P

  7. Absolutely Absolute. Because of the gold tone, the video ushered in an old world feel of Sankta Lucia. I really liked it. Like a peek into the past. Thanks Micke, I loved it!

  8. But St Lucia is a beautiful wilderness area in S Africa! Nice clip though.

    Do you have any idea what happened to Nyasha’s blog?

  9. Hi,

    Nice post! I just translated the Santka Lucia song for my blog to give people an idea of a popular Swedish song that’s sung at this time of year.

    I was confused about the first line Natten går tunga fjät. Would you translate that as “Night walks with a heavy step” or “At night, walking with a heavy step”? Is Night being personified in the song or is it the person who’s singing (or who wrote the song) the one who has the heavy step?

    I see you’re from Sweden and that your English is VERY good – that’s why I’m asking you! Besides, I liked your post about Santa Lucia.



  10. Scratch that last part – are you French – but speak great English and formerly lived in Sweden?


  11. […] also noticed that Frog with a Blog linked to a recipe for glögg that he likes. But beware! It looks like it has a kick to […]

  12. I LuV ALL THE SWEDISH FOOD!!!!!! I am doin a project 4 SKOOL and i have 2 find swedish food so thanks!!!!

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