I Love Memes


Lordy Lordy, I have just realized that I tagged myself with a very funny meme. It’s called the Happy Meme and the questions are very funny and I’m sure you all want to play along. This is a funny meme indeed. I like memes, they are so much fun. Especially if they’re happy memes. So let’s start. (giggle giggle)

The Happy Meme:

1) What makes you happy?

Love, flowers, children, a glass of wine on my birthday (eew, I’m a little bit crazy today he he)

2) What is true happiness for you?

Everlasting love (yes, my personal opinion is that all you need is love) , being surrounded by singing children (because I believe that children are our future), having my friends over for tea and biscuits.

3) Tell us about a time when you felt true happiness

One day, I was running in a field full of poppies. It is important to keep fit and running near mother nature is just so lovely. It smelled of flowers and fresh grass. I love that smell. It made me very happy. Free, light and happy. I actually shed tears of joy when I think of that very special moment. This is true happiness for me. And as I often say: Happy days are here again! Lol

4) What would you be ready to do in order to make the world a happier place?

I would travel the world and help poor starving children by making them dance and sing.

I could die to make the world a happier place, you know.

I would share all the love I have in my heart with children and poor people who live in turd world countries. (Because what the world needs now is love, this is my strong opinion and I’m not ashamed of it!).

5) Are you happy?

Hell yeah, as long as I can stay as far away as possible from f***ing corny memes.

This was a message from the M.E.M.E.S Association: (Make Empty Memes Extinct Shit). Do you want to join our association?


7 Responses

  1. I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but, what is a meme? It must be a blogosphere terminology, or francophile? Ok, what is a francophile?

    Maybe you could have a session on the inside blog terms for us newbies, so that we TOO can sound hip?

    Curious minds what to know.

  2. hahahahaha, running in a field of poppies indeed. As if. Drinking a bottle of red wine in a field of poppies maybe, but running? I don’t see it.

  3. Multiple results for Meme: mémé même
    Principal Translations:
    mémé (grand-mère) familier, populaire nf grandma (gran) colloquial

    Additional Translations:
    mémé Familier nf granny Colloquial
    Compound Forms:
    faut pas pousser mémé dans les orties (faut pas exagérer/abuser) (familier) don’t push it (exaggerate/go to far) colloquial

    Principal Translations:
    même adv even
    même (pareil) adj alike (same)

    Additional Translations:
    même adj very (same)
    même adj same (alike, equivalent)
    même adv even (used to emphasize something)
    même adv so much as
    même adv much as, so
    même pron same

    French is so confusing!

  4. Ahhh, Bob. Thank you for the clarification, I think.

  5. I particularly like the idea of making poor, starving children dance and sing.

    Step 2,3,4- brush away the flies- Step 2,3,4 brush away the flies

  6. I just updated my blog with my own stuff – so I’m posting this here, lol.

    I’m being grrrr but you know I love you, right, right ?

    The Happy Meme:

    1) What makes you happy?

    Chocolate and sex. I need the endorphines.

    2) What is true happiness for you?

    See above question. A full night of sleep completes the set.

    3) Tell us about a time when you felt true happiness

    That one time where I had a great body body session and then was fed chocolate before a good night’s sleep.

    4) What would you be ready to do in order to make the world a happier place?

    Been working on that for the last 2 years 1/2. Nothing works. I promise not to rant too much though.

    5) Are you happy?

    What an annoying question. Yes. But I’m annoyed.

  7. Ca sent le sapin, René !
    (référence engagée à Céline Dion)

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