Short & Shallow 3 (Of Australian Soaps and Rhino)

This week, I’m remembering the very first bloggers’ picnic I attended. The one hosted by the internationally acclaimed podcasting duo Katia & Kyliemac. You’ve already seen a bunch of Short & Shallow™ Interviews with both our hostesses so now, let’s have a look at some other favorite moments shot on the day of our little encounter. Strange moments. Puzzling cultural references and floods of wine. Followed by another most profound interview of my dear friend Rhino75 aka The reincarnation of **showbiz**. More Short & Shallow™ Interviews to come during the next few weeks. Stay tuned…


14 Responses

  1. Frog, your eye browns are amazing. They have a life of their own. You and Rhino are too cute when you’re interviewing. Lovely smiles you two have. Love this one!

  2. I meant eye brows… browns, brows…
    yours = amazing.

  3. Ooh, ‘témoignage plein de charme’ you mean!

  4. I’m filling up…

  5. “How many years is that in gay years?” has to be my favorite line from this interview. Is it as funny if you’re gay as it is for us straighties?

  6. ooh, you look edible in black and white, all of you..

  7. Look! It’s me again… Responsible for bringing dagginess and ridiculousness to a whole new level. Oh – la honte!

  8. Great interview – but which naughty blogger put superglue on your heads and glued them together!!?? 😉 xx

  9. Quite enjoyable, of course, it would have the best party if I was there, you know. You two were so charming. Love you both!

  10. Rhino est si charmant. Il faut absolument que je descends sur Paris un de ces jours… and love your facial expressions FwAB. Keep ‘hem coming.

  11. Hey mister. How are you? Now hang on – Patrick Swayze for your roll in PA2? Surely not.

    Hope you’re well.



  12. Oh my god, you two are so darn cute I want to eat you up! I think my favourite part was when steve talked Oh So Seriously about being part of that club. What was it called again?
    (Tracey – it’s ok, we look like dorks together)

  13. J’adore tes levres bien charnues Frog! LOL!

    Seriously that was very cute. 🙂

  14. Underpants as a header hmmmm … note to self, must link to this blog 😉

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