Short and Shallow 4

mailgooglecom.jpgAs you know, 4th of July is coming up soon and I know how you’re all craving for a nice American brunch in the Paris’ district where yours frogly lives: the frogulous 11th arrondissement. So why not join the American brunch organized on Rue Titon on Sunday, July 8th from noon onwards? Confirm with Kareen on 08 73 17 94 10 before July 5th then stay tuned for the Short & Shallow™ (coming soon episode) below with the Brunch organizer herself and learn everything about fluffy pancakes, exotic & erotic Tahitian words and exquisite designer Jewelry.


7 Responses

  1. totally frogulous!!

  2. MERCI!!! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.


  3. as usual, all the action takes place in Paris.

  4. The beaver is offended. What happened to CANADA day ?

    FYI, Dominion day is on July 1st. And it’s a big deal…

    Ok, everywhere, but in Quebec, where it is referred to as Moving Day.

  5. I’ll be there too!!!It sounds great.

  6. I want to go for Brunch. No fair, kisses my Prince!

  7. God, I wish I had come to that one..

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