Short & Shallow 5

Let’s now travel to Champagne-Ardennes where poor soul Diva Vivi from Dispatches from France lives. A diva because she sings like one and poor soul because she lives in one of the most boring areas in France. The Aube region, near Troyes is, as far as I’m concerned (and I’m always right) officially one of the most depressing regions in France. As soon as I think about that area, I seriously consider starting a very long and costly psychoanalysis. Although Troyes is a pretty little city to visit, the accent that its inhabitants have makes the whole experience feel like throwing a chain-saw in warm crème-brûlée.

Vivi, as many of you know, is a diva and therefore a star. A blogstar. And as a star, Vivi wishes to remain in cognito on FwAB TV (which is understandable considering the millions of readers who read this site everyday). However, I have just hired a helpful FwAB assistant who makes this whole interview rather entertaining.

See how distracted I get when I see a nice cleavage, see how Rhino gets captured by the beauty of Vivi’s voice. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our very special FwAB guest this week, Vivi from Dispatches from France.


14 Responses

  1. This is just a guess here, but I’m betting there been a little bit of alcohol imbibed before this interview… *S*

  2. What I’m wondering is who’s the moderately cute guy in the bike cap on the far right? Hasn’t the Tour started by now?

  3. Oh my God, Samantha, JUST A LITTLE! Frog darling, I don’t know why you’re friends with a big dork like me!!!

  4. no bloggers were harmed in the making of this short&shallow interview.
    thank you.

  5. Aaaaa, once again I can’t see the video ’til I get home! No fair… Will have to wait patiently to enjoy the entertainment. I’m sure it will bring back fond memories!

  6. As funny on video as it was watching you film this in person. Vivi, you are one hot chanteuse, girl!

  7. Oh my god I cannot breathe. I’m laughing so hard.

    Vivi, I didn’t do your beautiful voice justice, but I really feel rather excited that, for once, I could “do” an american accent! hehe.

    Frog, darling, I’m eating your legs next time I see you.

    ps. Sam, seriously? Only a little bit. But this is the real us, whether we’re drinking or not, isn’t it Vivi? But it’s really FROG who is the TERRIBLE influence on us all. I wouldn’t have considered doing such a thing if he didn’t egg us on.

  8. Well, I live in Champagne-Ardennes too, and I have to say – OK its boring.
    But it’s fine when you’re old and retired like me.

  9. Sablonneuse, but you live in the Ardennes part, don’t you? At least it’s hilly, you have Arthur Rimbaud and good pâté de sanglier, so it’s not as bad as Aube.

  10. But but but! In Aube we have… erm…


    We have ME! 😉

    It’s true Katia, we really are dingbats in real life, without the influence of alcohol, but maybe I could have answered that culture shock question better BEFORE the wine!

  11. Not the worst dub I have ever seen. In fact it holds up well against some of the TV I watched in the sixties.

  12. Ok, so now I’m laughing my ass off here… What a great dub job! You guys are so impressive.

    And a gifted cameraman, too — he only laughed a little bit! 😉 I miss being silly with you guys…

  13. That was simply fwabulous and I love Vivi’s singing voice. I would like Katia to dub for me when I will be invited to guest star in Short and Shallow.

    I am going to be invited, right?

  14. Agree with Antipo: beyond FwaBulous.

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