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  1. What a work of art, Frog. I can appreciate the time it took to put it together and I love it.Wunderbar Meine Liebe!!!

  2. You are the master of YouTube! only you can put together something as creative as this. Bravo, encore, bravo!!
    And Babs speaks German, who knew?
    Btw, lovely music, what is with the “zwei kleine italianer”?

  3. Babs, Nyasha, thanks, but let’s not exaggerate, this has nothing to do with art! But that song is pure art though, don’t u think? I love this German song from the early 60’s, isn’t it a real delight of oktoberfest tackiness?
    But who knew Babs could speak German too? Nyasha we’d better be careful when we write gossip-comments to each other in Common Scandinavian as Babs may very well understand what we say about her! 😉

  4. Excellent – and a nice bit of schlager, although shouldn’t it be “Zwei Kleiner Französischer” or summink?? Anyway, looks wonderful.

  5. Smarty pants! I spoke German, fluently as a child. My first nanny was German, Mamma Braun and she went back to Heidelburg where she was from. She spoke very little English, thus I learned German. But I can’t write it and don’t remember alot when needed. I dream in German on a rare occasion and can cuss you out like the finest. But my favorite is my dirty, dirty french which, believe it or not I used just the other day on a co-worker of my sister’s. He was here, along with several of her friends. It is known that she’s trying to quit smoking. She is the Executive Area director for Aijilon,(A French Co.,BTW)and is the boss here and of 6 other offices including the NYC offices. Anyway, this guy Brad, who my gaydar pinged as soon as I met him, was standing on the side porch drinking. She asked For a puff off of his cigarrette to which he flicked it into the yard and told her,”Sure, you can have the rest.” She told him he was an ass all nice and tactful and I wanted to kick his ass. I had to walk away but before I did, I used your Dirty Dirty French, like a Champ.It’s her employee and I couldn’t very well make a stink if she wasn’t going to. The more I thought about it, the angrier I became. My sister is now on a campaign to make him quit because she doesn’t want to give him the full severance package.I’d just like to Bitch slap his ass. Thanks for the Dirty French, it came in handy!!

  6. Rhino, I knew you’d recognize a good old schlager. I counted on the fact that nobody would understand that the song deals with 2 Italians and not 2 French, but apparently you can all speak German fluently out there!

    Babs, I’m so glad my lesson came in handy, and for a good cause obviously! I’ll have to teach you some more though. Are you still in touch with Mama Braun? If not I think we should all go and look for her.

  7. Frog, you let the secret out! now, how are we gonna gossip? in latin? or aramaic?
    and you thought you could dupe your blog readers? shame on you Micke! 😀
    btw, this CBS is taking over my life. i need to do something about this!!! what about that group therapy we discussed?

  8. Let’s have a group therapy on skype soon. We just need to find other patients and we’ll be fine. ok?

  9. By the way, gossiping in Aramaic is an option, although I thought that language was extinct. Anyway let’s create our own language, THAT’d be fun!

  10. hey Micke, do us all a favour and print that picture of Celeste already – i mean why are you priviledged all of a sudden….tsch…..
    nothing will happen if you do, unless she has connections with the mafia or hires a hitman.

  11. Nice video micke!

    Made me laugh 😉

  12. I want to be a patient in the group therapy. I will try to study Aramaic again, wow is that hard, harder than Hebrew. Shalom!

  13. I love your photo essays w/a soundtrack!


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