Bad gay boy. Very bad, naughty & dirty gay boy!

I knew it already, but apparently filling your entry with a key word that is a popular search word on google can bring the traffic that makes you feel, for a moment, like a super star. Hence the importance of this blog entry. Of course I do not care about quantity but just quality. ahem ahem. But I just wanted to see if that worked or not. So, let’s try: bad gay boy, really really naughty gay man. BAD GAY BOY, VERY NAUGHTY GAY BOY. N.A.U.GH.T.Y G.A.Y B.O.Y

I should know that this doesn’t work though as I tried it before in previous posts: Insulated picnic bags and ugly cunt or Wanna porn and kiss a tit? or For a while I was a pedophile priest but which brought nothing but perverts who didn’t even read my posts alternatively my mother who asked to have a serious talk with me. But let’s try again.

Talking about being a bad gay boy. I am such a bad G.A.Y. B.O.Y myself. Frankly, in spite of my love for 1) Madonna, 2) Old dead female singers from the 80’s (I know some of you think that #1 and #2 are pretty similar, buggers), cooking and sashaying along the corridors at work, I’m not the kind that spends time cleaning my apartment. At my place, clothes are piled up, never hung and never folded, fridge never gets emptied, I do the dishes when I’m sick, I never water my plants, I iron 5 minutes before leaving to work, I don’t spray cologne on my sweaters, I don’t own any nice scented candles and I watch TV for hours, drinking beer, eating pizza, scratching my armpits.

I know I’m a ridiculous gay boy, and a dirty one too, not even faithful to my kind and not even dirty in a nice way. I sometimes wonder what I’ve done to deserve my lovely boyfriend…

So yesterday after I woke up around 3 pm (’twas a bank holiday please!), after having done absolutely nothing the night before, I decided to clean this mess. Well, since I don’t seem to be able to live without you these days, my dear stalkers readers. I made a special video of me cleaning my apartment. I mean isn’t that the kind of program you’ve always wanted to see? A Frenchman doing the housework. Oooh, actually, Frenchman doing housework, … talking about a good search sentence on Google. ooooh HOT HOT H.O.T


27 Responses

  1. You forgot to mention the snap of the tight pink rubber gloves. That will get some hits. Plus, the ass shot and the smokin’ hot (cigarettes) in the pink rubber (gloves). And don’t forget the ultimate mystery…

    where the heck do you keep a vacuum cleaner in that tiny Parisian pad?

    You amaze me.

  2. Oooooh, I do love a man in pink rubber gloves. But smoking in pink rubber gloves takes you into a different league entirely!

    Also, are you freakishly tall or has the telescopic wand on your hoover broken? You’ll get a bad back if you continue bending over like that.

  3. Oh I love you – you dirty naughty gay French boy.

    That was just brilliant and you made me smile for the first time today.

    I am SO going to make a movie – you have INSPIRED me.

    BTW – non-gay boys don’t have pretty red fringed runners on their you are def def def somewhat in the mould.


  4. Damn – my comment got eaten.

    Can’t remember now all that I said…but that was great and you made me smile for the first time today. Ta ducks!

  5. Did it work?

  6. yay, i am a frog stalker! i will take it as a compliment 😀
    you are better at cleaning than i am. Can we hire your services? we will fly you in on friday evenings… how does that sound? we pay minimum wage – but because you are so H.O.T, we might raise the per hour rate. 😉
    FwAB clip!!!

  7. Oh Lord – my first comment has mysteriously arrived. Oops.

    Still going to try make a movie.

  8. Loved the show. Noticed you have a SINGLE bed.

  9. lol… now, it takes a certain type of naughty dirty gay boy to be smokin with pink laytex gloves touching a very hard long shaft.. erm.. i mean vaccuum. hehe.

  10. Whenever my boring day needs perking up, I look to see what you’ve been up to. So much fun cleaning…..

  11. Work it Froggy, W.O.R.K. I.T.
    Ohhh la la!

  12. i need the name of the song please and artist. kitschy, sure. but still.

  13. I’m disappointed! I expected to see you in a French maid’s uniform. 😦

  14. I frigin fell outa my chair laughing, oooooooh shit, I think I have an aneurysm.

    This could not have been scripted any better such classic improv, I loved it. I am also touched that you still have the Jane’s Crazy Salt I sent you. Gave me a lump in my throat. Isn’t that stupid, Micke? C’mon, let me squeeze that tush!! Mwah!!!

  15. I fell out of my chair laughing, ooooooooooooooh shit, this is too funny and so improv!

    But I got a lump in my throat when you showed the Jane’s Crazy Salt, I sent you. C’mere, I wanna squeeze that tush! Mwah!!!

  16. Deja Vous.

    You are every HOT GAY friend and a wee bit of my Metro brother…all wrapped up in one.

    Too sexy!

    You missed a spot…

    Thanks for the giggles and grins,


  17. Liked the red buhdda head in the kitchen right below the garlic.

    BTW, how the hell do you reach your pots and pans?! They’re like 3 meters off the floor LOL!

    Did the gay-google-thing work?

    Bet you were listening to Metallica while you were vacuuming, I detected a hint of Kirk Hammett on your vaccuum-tube-ai-guitar bit.

    Great videos froggy!

  18. Liked the red buhdda head in the kitchen right below the garlic.

    BTW, how the hell do you reach your pots and pans?! They’re like 3 meters off the floor LOL!

    Did the gay-google-thing work?

    Bet you were listening to Metallica while you were vacuuming, I detected a hint of Kirk Hammett on your vaccuum-tube-air-guitar bit.

    Great videos froggy!

  19. I showed my lil Sis the video too and she was laughing her ass off. I wish I could literally laugh my ass off!

  20. After Foucault, you are my FAVORITE gay Frenchman (though I do love you for very different reasons – you are *CUTE* and *FUNNY*, Foucault was brilliant and serious).

    Another superb performance. BRAVO! OUI, OUI, OUI!

    I’d watch you do anything…anything at all! 😉

    Oh, and by the way, besides the fact that I LOVE Madonna too, I am also a GREAT housecleaner. I like to clean in my UNDERWEAR (I’m trying to add some words to your blog that might get you traffic) or NAKED. Can I come over? Hahaha!

  21. Oh, you have “Jane’s Crazy Mixed Up Salt”! I love that stuff. Marry me?

  22. The pink gloves are the ultimate! Hey, where do I get some (in America they only seem to sell ugly yellow ones)?

    Hopping the plane to Paris TOMORROW! Can’t wait!

  23. heheh fun vid, heheh

    if you think your place is messy you should see my room.

    In comparison, your place is actualy quite tidy, I only have a single room in which to really live in, as my parents don’d approve of me putting my stuff in other rooms.

    (yeah i live with parents) its annoying, but hey thats life hehe, Anyway as a result of my lazyness and lack of time, coupled with a recent depression i had, my room has become quite an alladins cave of computer bits and other stuff and coke cans, dont start on the coke cans.

    I go through so many its unreal. once, cuz i was so lazy, a tower of cans started to form on one of the desks in my room and it got so high once that it almost reached the ceiling. no kidding.

    I guess that happens when you start gaming a lot and dont get out a lot, however i go get out, but im seeing too many mates and cant really orginise my time properly.

    i cant begin to think what my proper house would be like when i can afford one, i guess il have to get someone in to do the cleaning for me, cuz im so lazy.

    anyways you place looks fine lol

  24. OMG, you can’t be gay with such a mess 😉 nevermind this, only a joke. but not only you try to tidy but also you are trying to seduce your readers 😉 petit coquin à la française !!

  25. […] Internet to find a bit of fantasy. b) They were probably all worked up when they saw my post “Bad, dirty and very naughty gay boy” popping up on their google search but must have gotten soooo disappointed when they saw that […]

  26. i want to hear about hot, hairy men!!!!

  27. I love hot, hairy men!

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