Ceci n’est pas un blog

Frog with a Blog and the inspiring Kyliemac explore the depths of contemporary art.

An appetizing teaser.

To prove it.


8 Responses

  1. It’s always a teaser, we never get to the meat!! 🙂 That first five minutes “filled” with just two images reminded me of my old job. But then it got more exciting, PLEEEEAAAZE can we see the rest soon? mwah!!

  2. FART = Frog ART? I dunno….just a sort of flash of inspiration that came to me. Totally off I know. That was weird…one bizarre vid today! 😛

  3. Ooooh artsy fartsy! And also? Kyliemac TOTALLY sounds like that. 😀

  4. Once more an amazing project of yours ! waiting forward to discover it !!!

  5. I’m with Rhino. You should rename this “Teaser TV.”

  6. Hehe great as usual

  7. Oh…i can’t take the anticipation mr.fwab! (may i call you that?)

  8. Okay, for some reason your voice in this blog entry really started to turn me on… Maybe that or this adult beverage I’m drinking.. muah-hah-ha

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