Frog with a Blog’s special TV crew traveled to Lisbon last weekend and managed to gather all the clichés about the city in one short film/slide show. Please bear with me, it was my first time there and the streets of Alfama and the Fado in Bairro Alto are still a big deal to me. Anyway, Lisbon has just made it to the Top 10 Cities of the World according to the International FwAB standards together with NYC, Paris, San Francisco, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Stockholm, New Orleans, Prague and London.

Now I’d like to know your Top 10.


12 Responses

  1. Beautifully done, as always. Now I’d really like to visit Portugal! 🙂

    I’ve only been to three of those cities, and one of those could be designated as a lake now, so I think my top ten would be places you’ve never heard of. They may have more than their share of hillbillies and rednecks but the mountain views are unbelieveable!

  2. you made me want to get on the next flight home! BH was saying: “he is in a T-shirt” (he repeated that about 3 times) – we are sitting here in woolen jumpers and scarfs and still freezing.
    The pastel de nata looks gorgeous. And the espresso. Hmmmmm….. i would kill for that combo right now!!!!!
    Wonderful photography btw, you managed to capture the “soul” of the city, i felt.

  3. I love the colors in the city! Never been to Portugal but this makes me want to go there!

  4. That was simply lovely!

  5. Lovely video..and the music was fantastic. Thanks.

    My top 10?

    Vancouver, London, Cape Town, Paris, NYC, San Fransisco, Johannesburg, Quebec, Seattle,Buenos Aires. In that order.

  6. oops, forgot to do the assignment we were given…
    Rome, Paris, Cape Town, Seattle, Lisbon, Barcelona… and now i am struggling…. Århus (in Denmark, better than København any day), Hamburg (love the canals), Venice and…. Abidjan (best years of my life there).

  7. Another wonderful video and post! Bravo!

    You make me want to go to Portugal! It looks so beautiful.

    It was also fun watching you since you are so CUTE!

    Hmmm, my top 10 cities (in order): New York, Paris, San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Miami, Chicago, Bangkok, Barcelona.

  8. Oh, I almost forgot, what was the music you used here? Beautiful!

  9. I know you’re fast asleep but when you wake go check out this song. I thought of you when I heard it! Kisses!!

  10. This is amazing!
    I went to Lisbon in September but didn’t manage to snap a single photo because my luggage was lost. But you’ve recapture the feeling of discovering the city exactly– c’est magnifique!
    May I link this post to my blog?

  11. Excelente!

    You really did capture my nation’s capital perfectly. Congrats! Now we want a written impression of your stay here! Anything and everything!

    6 pasteis de nata? You’ve got a heck of a sweet tooh froggy and Mr. B.

  12. Oh, and the music is by Mariza. The new generation of Fado 🙂

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