Funky Home in Rome

I promised I was going to take you with me on my trip to Rome. Before I show you what I’ve seen of the city, let me first treat you to a short and really bad pixelized video of my home in Rome. This apartment is a delight, centrally located, enormous, well decorated, it even includes superb examples of pure Roman tackiness, such as richly decorated flowery plates and Jesus Christ checking us out.
I’m having a great time walking up the steep streets of this crazy place, am developing amazing thigh muscles and getting high on espresso at each street corner. Why didn’t anyone tell me one shouldn’t have as many as 8 Italian espressi in a day without turning into a hysterical version of Roberto Begnini on crack?
Sorry, but I have to leave you as I’m on my way to enjoy the seafood carpaccio place that Ms. Mac recommended. Then I guess I’ll have a gelato and drive my scooter with my windshield sunglasses on.

PS: And good luck not getting seasick watching this video. (I have serious Lars Von Trier ambitions, you see…)


8 Responses

  1. Have you seen the female Roberto Begnini on “La Nouvelle Star”? I think she might be voted off tonight, not that I’m going to watch or anything.

  2. It looks like a lovely and quaint place, somewhere to curl up with a nice glass of wine and a good book. I’d love it. Have fun sweety. I haven’t forgotten about the meme. I’ve been running like a maniac.

  3. Were you on rollerskates when you filmed this? truly dizzying; I was hoping for a shot of you wearing an apron and thumping out some homemade pasta dough…ah well…;-)

  4. Enjoy the carpaccio! Oh God, the pressure’s on now. It’d better be good or you’ll never speak to me again and I’ll simply die of a broken heart…..

  5. Darlin’..I am in love with you…that musica hits my g-spot…

    smooches from Franche Comte

  6. Oh Frog — I want to see those highly developed thigh muscles – can I, can I, can I? Ciao for now!

  7. I don’t know if it was the horrendous decor or the equally desperate Lars von Trier ambitions, but I have just been violently ill.

  8. Salaud, salaud, salaud!!!

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