Coming Soon on FwAB TV

Ok, I haven’t been blogging much lately. But you see, I’ve been so busy drinking large quantities of alcohol meeting new and exciting people, meeting again some old friends and preparing a long series of meaningless videos for your pleasure only, dear visitors. Therefore, in order to keep you waiting, here is the teaser ofmy first adventure that took place a little more than a week ago. Stay tuned for the rest of the story very soon… and for some more…


11 Responses

  1. Oh, you make me ex-homesick. Tous mes amis… and the new ones. The pooping ones.


    So, you realize you have to be there when we visit, to document? And to sing Mika. That’s a necessity.

    Thank you, FWABbie. (sniff)

  2. Haha. Can’t wait. And yes, Max was probably pooping. He poops all the time.

    Poop. There. Here just did it yet again. 🙂

  3. Arrrghh, this looks like fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing my favorite podcasting duo on FWAB TV. Gosh, I can’t wait to return to France…


  4. Oh that’s so clever. I have managed to post photos but not where I want to put them.
    Looking forward to the sequels.
    So sorry I can’t make the picnic; got tickets for a day-trip on the 10th to try the new TGV service from Charleville. No doubt you’ll all be nursing your hangovers then. Have a great time.

  5. Oh how exciting! I’m famous and with just one contact…thanks for the early birthday present.

  6. Again, I’m so jealous. Now that makes TWO fabulous bloggy picnics I’ll be missing.

    All’s the more reason for you to capture it on film, I guess, right?

  7. Oh the suspense!

  8. I saw Rhino, didn’t I? I miss you guys and, well I would tell you and Rhino to kiss each other for me but Mr.B might not like or be into threesomes.I hope you are well darling. When I sell my book, (which I am busy with now, well my writer is)in about a year, I’m coming to Paris to visit and we will drink deviant/copious amounts of alcohol.


  9. My dearest frog – I am waiting with bells on!

  10. domage que je peux pas descendre sur Paris…

  11. Good morning Fwab-TV !

    Bon, quand j’ai lu ton post, en particulier “meeting new and exciting people”,
    je me suis dit “Wha ! Il parle déjà de nous sur son blog ! Chéri ! Vite ! Mon survêtement du dimanche ! On passe à la télé !” en fait, tu as posté cette note dans ta vie-d’avant-ErwanéBruno.. .. donc ce n’est pas nous les personnes si excitantes que tu as rencontrées; mais qui peut bien être plus excitant que ErwanéBruno dans cette ville ??

    ErwanéBruno, Snorkies.

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