Entering Year Three of the FwAB Calendar

On August 5th, Frog with a Blog turned 2 years old and I didn’t celebrate. No video like last year and no looking back. I think I was probably scared to realize how much time I have been spending on this computer.Because, let’s see what I’ve accomplished in this last year of blogging:

– I’ve gained 5 kilos

– I’ve hit the refresh button so many times that I destroyed it and had to change computer.

– I’ve delayed my average-going-to-bed-time from 2 to 3 am, doing nothing constructive, namely reading your blogs (so it’s all your fault then) and trying to find something witty to say in your comment boxes to finally erase the whole thing as I’m never witty at 3am.

– I’ve changed header about 37 times.

– I’ve been forced to wear a wig at Charles de Gaulle airport

– I’ve made a fool of myself on camera numerous times

– I’ve been discovered by a colleague

– I’ve been about to delete this blog 25 times

– I’ve won a prize for schmoozing and heard that I spoke so much that I could even talk to a wall. 😉

– I’ve hardly ever commented on all the sweet comments that were left by so many of you.

– I’ve had a hard time making the destinction between blogging and real life.
– I’ve been promising a Frog Academy that never took place. (But don’t give up on me yet. It’s coming soon).

– I’ve written 3 posts named part 1 without ever writing part 2

– I’ve only written about half of what I’ve actually done

– I’ve interviewed many bloggers without ever asking them any relevant and/or interesting question.

– I’ve been deleting a total of 12,131 spam comments.

– I’ve received nasty comments on youtube.

– I have used so many dirty words in my posts that my blog is restricted from my and many of you work computers.

Basically, I’m a crap blogger.

However, on a more positive note:

– I have multiplied my traffic by four.

– I have received 2 love emails from readers.

– I have discovered that some people will never cease to amaze me.

– I have been to 4 picnics (see the gain weight point above)

– I have become slightly more alcoholic (it’s positive)

– And last but not least, I’ve met 76 new exciting people.

But what I really mean is that this post is dedicated to all of you who spend a few minutes of your week on Frog with a Blog, to all of you who leave funny, warm and witty or not comments after each post, to all of you who haven’t given up on coming here although I never comment on your blogs (doesn’t mean that I’m not reading them though), to all of you who remain encouraging and so kind although we all know that this blog is just a pile of junk really. So if it wasn’t for my sciatica, I’d bow gracefully and …

…beg you to stay.

Entering year 3 of the FwAB calendar.

Thank you.

xox M.


22 Responses

  1. The pleasure’s all mine. Honestly 🙂

    Happy Anniversary! Go out and celebrate…what’s another kilo or two 😉

  2. I love youuuuuuu! :mrgreen: Happy machin-chose! 😀

  3. Oh the part about having written many “part 1” with no part twos is hilarious!! I wonder when you came to that realization….
    I love your blog, you’re so divinely ‘devergonde’ and with such wit and humour! JE T’ADORE!

    Blame a fellow blogger, but he said, “If you comment on any blogs in France, let them know you are a translator / interpreter” ….yeah right, so there you go, http://www.translationsbykaren.com

    (Pardonnes-moi, suis une grosse impolie hein?)

  4. Anniversary smooches to you, cher Frog! XOXO

  5. Happy Blogaversary!

    Although, I am very confused by your distinction between blogging and life. What is this… “life” you speak of?

  6. Happy Blogday! May the next year bring you another 5 kilos and even more red-wine hangovers!

  7. Bonne anniversaire! And what is an additional 5 kilos on you? It is only more frog to love!!!

    Hoping your sciatica is responding to the red wine treatment!

    Keep up the fantastic blog. I love reading it!


  8. That’s true – you never comment on my blog and you never (or rarely) comment on comments.

    But, hey, so what?

    We (femme, fils et moi) enjoyed meeting you at that bloggers picnic and you graciously made us feel welcome as we knew no one there.

    So, at least you’ve done one good deed this year.

    Oh, and I love your Frog TV and videos.

    Hope your back gets better.

  9. happy anniversary! i enjoyed your video for k&k’s anniversary too. you are hilarious, and genius!

  10. I’m running at top speed to bake you a cake and will crack open a bottle of champagne!

  11. Bon Anniversaire!

  12. You’re welcome Micke!

    Another Happy Blogiversity to you!

  13. Happy Anniversary!

    As a new FwABer? FwABite? FwABoid?, I’m happy to hear that you didn’t click “Delete this blog” 25 times!


  14. It doesn’t matter if you don’t reply or comment on other blogs. I, for one, will keep coming back for more of your whacky entertainment.
    All power to your elbow for year three.
    (Hope the sciatica is not so bad)

  15. P.S. Just watched your vidcast of K&K and that is SO totally what goes on over there in the coffee table studio! And I loved your “Dear”. Thanks for the great video.

  16. That’s a nice way to go back in time without willing to 🙂
    Happy birthday! 🙂

  17. Darling Frog – you KNOW that I love your blog, and, what’s more, I think YOU rock, too. Hope you are feeling better. You seem a tad cranky – I hope it’s not your sciatica. In any case – *BIG KISS* for you!

  18. Haapy Blog Bday froggy, ol’ buddy ol’ pal!

    Keep it up 🙂

  19. Fwabuleux! Bonne anniversaire!

  20. darlingest fwab,
    happy happy happy anniversary!! how fantastic! you are just too clever and witty, and this blog is the perfect way of sharing that part of you with the world.
    i will raise a glass for you over here in australia, then we’ll have one together when i get back 🙂

  21. Well, Froggie, I’m super-late in commenting here, but I just had to chime in with my compliments as well — you ALWAYS make us laugh, and you’re beyond adorable!! What more could we ask for?! Rien, je dis — RIEN !

    I’ll keep coming back, t’inquiètes pas. Rien ne remplace le frog !

  22. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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