I Have a Guestmap…


… and it’s just waiting to be populated by you.

Thanks to Petite Anglaise my immense talent, quite a few people have been visiting this blog during the past few day. I love maps and you but since most of you will be gone in a few days, before you leave, it would be lovely to see where you are or where you come from. 😉


16 Responses

  1. That’s funnnnnnny. I forgot I’d written that. I’m still in the works of owning the Island and making it a all Gay Club/Island.

  2. I stumbled upon your blog through dispatches and thought it was absolutely wonderful. I am in the process of planning my move to Paris and I love the glimpse into the beautiful culture. I am from Texas, so you can mark you map. And no I don’t own a horse.

  3. You silly monkey. We’re not going anywhere!!

  4. You know where I come from.

  5. Well, I come from a little town there on the East Coast, near D.C. (I think I told you that already!) but I now live somewhere out in Sarkoland, as you so exquisitely pointed out last Saturday!

    Merci dear Froggie for your sweet comment (and compliment!) on my blog. I’m pathetic because I still haven’t updated since last week, but I’m bummed because I completely forgot to take pics at the pic-nique! And I had my camera with me… (I think that wine hit me far too soon, and I was done for.)

    I hope you’ll stop by my digs again someday! Was so happy to have finally had the chance to meet you — you made me smile and laugh so hard! (darn those pesky spiders in your hair, though)

  6. Greetings from Singapore.

    Reading your blog is one of the high point of my day. My humdrum existence will be dull and dreary if not for your blog. Thanks. You’re quite simply god’s gift to blog readers.

    I just love your wry, wicked sense of humour. In fact I’m convinced you’re the male and French answer to Marian Keyes.

  7. Well, you know me over here in Ivry and I am certainly not going anywhere!! 🙂

  8. Of course we will never leave you- what kind of stalkers would we be if we stopped checking into your life.

    I really am in the middle of nowhere- damn!

  9. Michigan.

  10. Dar Ling!

    Now that Nouvelle Star is finished, when are we going to see the final of Frog Academy? I want my 15 seconds of fame! We all worked so hard for you, dammit!

    Oh, and if – as I suspect – you are now “secretly in love” with Katia, Vivi, Kyliemac, Alice and Petite, as you were once secretly in love with Ms. Mac, Pat, Aimee, Gabrielle and My Dear Self, then I shall be very very envious indeed.

    I know, I know, you’re a Sensitive Boy and you just give your heart away so easily…

  11. I am from here. Humble but home. Visitors welcome.

  12. Tropical Naples, Florida! And I’m not leaving, either 😉

  13. Am I on there?? My computer is so slow, I can’t tell!

  14. You know me…

  15. well, I did the map thingy but can’t tell whether it worked or not. Anyway, I do at times miss life in Paris but can’t really complain about living in Rome, either. And the Frenchman definitely prefers Rome.

  16. London, UK

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