Start Packing!


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  1. One more time, un loupé… Je ne serai pas des vôtres. Un peu patraque today ! Dommage j’aurais pu constater le niveau désastreux de mon anglais. Ce sera pour la prochaine fois. Bizz

  2. So what are the condoms for then? 🙂 Who is doing whom?

  3. Hope you are all enjoying yourselves and that the weather is being kind.
    I’ll see Paris tomorrow but, no doubt you’ll all be sleeping off your party- so maybe next time . .

  4. This was so flipping fun, this picnic, I can hardly stand it. Can’t wait to see how that interview turns out and I’m sure I will be horribly embarrassed. But I don’t recall seeing any condoms… what happened after I left?

  5. I can’t wait to read how it all went! I hope everyone had a grat time, maybe I can be there for the next one.

  6. Dear Frog,

    It looks like things got very exciting after we left! Travis missed his Eurostar – suspect parcel on the metro – and I missed my TGV but glad we came along.

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