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The photo site of the event is right here.



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  1. It was just like being there again, except without being locked in the park at the end!! Masterful.

  2. The best bits? The lesbian love. Steve’s beautiful voice. The spider in the hair. And me picking the crusty bits out of your teeth. I felt so privileged. Gotta love the debauchery.

  3. You nutter….

  4. Bloody hell. I would go and miss the event of the year.

    Damn familial obligations to hell.

  5. You rub it in so well. Darn! Maybe next year…

  6. Oh, great. I said “schmuck” on camera. Great film, and lovely rolling around in the grass with you, dear. Smooches!

  7. I believe I am never going to live this down… Was I *that* pompette, really?

  8. A wonderfully clever potrait. Thank you.

  9. OOhhh….now I feel even worse about missing the big pic-nique. 😦

  10. What debauchery. Soooooooooooo jealous…

  11. The camera loves you, FwaB! Seriously. That hat is too awesome. Looking forward to seeing more. I missed the event of the year, too… but I know I can count on Frog to have his camera with him. 🙂

  12. Oh I’m so jealous! Looks like you all had a great day! 🙂

    Spider in WHAT HAIR? LOL!

  13. Hey, was great to hang out with you guys on Saturday. I managed to make the later Eurostar, so all was okay – and, result, I was upgraded! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and would love to meet up again, but I don’t have your email details, so get in touch with me. Regards,

  14. […] No Comment [DailyMotion] The photo site of the event is right here. PG13 […]

  15. Hollywood doesn’t know what it’s missing – you’re a star!

  16. Hey – I’m the only person alive authorized to feed you strawberries, mister!

  17. He was so adorable that I couldn’t help myself. I simply had to feed him strawberries. I hope you can forgive me. Next time I’ll leave someone else to pull the crusty bits out of his teeth though.

  18. Looked like a marvelous time!

    My tea parties are quite tame. But, we hold them indoors, where sometimes kinkier activities take place. ;-D

  19. […] the video trailer of the picnic here. Posted by frog with a blog Filed in Culture […]

  20. You are a very funny talented frog indeed. I spent much too much of this afternoon finding this out. Incidently, does the name Rebecca Wain mean anything to you?

  21. Only fake funkiness unfortunately..

  22. Sweet.

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