Retrospective 07

Wasn’t it high time you had your traditional new fwab year video? Here’s a quick overview of all I got to do thanks to blogging in 2007. Such a fun year! So many new fwabulous people! So many hours spent on the computer! So few hours of sleep…

Some bloggers I met in 2007 and who appear (sometimes quickly) in this video:

Rhino75, Petite Anglaise, Meg le Blagueur, Maîtresse, Antipodéesse, Adult Runaway, Ms Mac, Put your Flare on, Dispatches from France, A view from Ivry, The Bold Soul, Dumdad, Upstez, Kbykareen, Aussie Lass, Kylie Mac, Tricoquine, Francophoney, Matoo, Bedtimes Stories, Ikare, Widow Creek, Petite Américaine, Always Ace, Made in Taiwan, The Ryndex, Kosmogal, Henrisson, Holy Smokes.

PS: and a happy new year to the ones I may have forgotten on this list or whom I haven’t met yet.


22 Responses

  1. When they film the story of my life, I hope you WON’T be behind the camera because you have a knack of catching all my worst angles at once!! But then, what are friends for if not that?? xxxxxxxxx

  2. Daaaarrlink – you are too adorable, and I want to kiss those little cheeks at the end as you sing to yourself and fall asleep.
    What a wonderful year it was. Here’s to 2008 and plenty more shenanigans!

  3. It’s a great vid. I’m planning to pop by Europe this spring (I know, I know, I keep on saying that, but this time it’s for real, because of Mr. Right.)

    So anyway, maybe I’ll be on your next retrospect, ha ha.

    En attendant, Bananier !

  4. Wow that was FWaBulous, dahling… Georges enjoyed watching it too.

    Calling you next week to talk about French lessons, so be prepared!

  5. I’ve missed you terribly. Happy New Year, Mickelino, my Darling!

  6. Man, what a year ! some ‘Fwab’ moments, and for sure many good memories !
    keep that lovely touch of yours for all the years to come, all the best to you little frog, take care
    :-* xxx

  7. okkkkk–i forgive you for all the frustrated tears every time I clicked on here and found you hadn’t posted anything new…*sniff*
    Happy New Year x

  8. hello there froggie do you still remeber me well you better. stopping by to say hello and all how you been with me just busy with the kiddies they keeping me very busy but now I dont have excuses I can blog from by cell phone now cool hey chat later

  9. Am I the only one who thinks it looks like you’re being serviced during that last scene?

    Thanks for the recap (and editing) – happy new year!

  10. honored to make the cut and very happy to meet you too! happy 2008 and see you soon!! xx L

  11. I love the song choice. Very fun!

  12. Too funny!! And what a great singing voice!!!

  13. We have to set up a new karaogay!!!!! Can’t wait!! :))

  14. Absolutely Fwabulous!

  15. I will never forget now, how much you make me laugh. Fwab, fwab, fwab!

  16. Lovely video, you rascal! You were a great fun at the bloggers’ picnic and made my wife, son and I feel very welcome – I thank you again. Now about my appearance fee in this video……

    ….Bonne Année !

  17. trois mois de pique nique, qui l’eût cru ?
    A quand la nouvelle rencontre de bloggers ? Que j’ai la chance de vous croiser cher Frog !

  18. “Que j’aie” est un subjonctif, c’est entendu qu’il faut un e au bout, sans quoi c’est l’indicatif, et toutes ses engagements, son petit côté “pragmatique” genre j’existe…
    Bref, au lit, que je dorme.

  19. Happy New Year, albeit late…. what a fun video. I had missed your videos, Frog! Though you posted a horrible photo of me (I forgive you) I did catch a glimps of Maximilien when he was just a wee bébé. You should see him now, he’s bigger than you are.

    Hope we can run into each other this summer at one of the fab blogger picnics!

    Bises from Julien, Max and I.

  20. […] and we’re already 8% into the new year! The talented Frog with a Blog put together a nice retrospective video (check me out licking my fingers at 2 minutes, 15 seconds). In the same spirit, I’d like to […]

  21. Hi Frog,

    I’m not a Paris blogger and I’ve never actually seen you in person (only these videos and your voice on the Katia and Kyliemac podcast), but that didn’t stop me from jumping up and running over to the TV yesterday afternoon during Âllo Docteurs, shouting to my own Frenchman something like “Come quick! It’s Frog talking about the tongue as a muscle!!!”, as though we both knew you well. Hmmm. Do you know something? Your voice is so distinctive. I wasn’t even looking at the TV at the moment but I knew it was you, and voilà.

    XO from Montpellier

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