I’m on the KnK Podcast show… again! They just won’t get rid of me. This time we’re saying deep and meaningful things about accents, new French words, culture shock and reverse culture shock.

Why don’t you go and wish the girls a happy podiversary (‘cos everyone is celebrating this month obviously). Then if you want to know more about them, do have a look at the little video I made for their podiversary.


8 Responses

  1. Happy Podiatriversary K&K!

    Those girls are terrifyingly technical in their studio. I hope I never get dragged in there.

    It would be just awful.

  2. oh, yes…antipo. you WILL be dragged in kicking and screaming… ONE DAY. just like we dragged FROG. Bwhahahahahh! :: rubbing hands together evilly, in a snidely whiplash sort of way ::

    (didn’t frog do a Fantastic Job?) thanks bazillions frog! 😀

  3. You are just too cute for those girls. Dressing in drag usually kills any sensitive-boy lust.

  4. thanks for the link – i used to fear my lack of francophonability, but now realize that those girls have no idea of what either english or french words mean. i imagine they’re cute enough to make up for it, though. if it’s good enough for the bastille (um sorbonne) it’s good enough for me!

  5. Charlemagne, ouch! You dare criticize my favorite girls again and I’ll spank you with my stale baguette!

  6. Charlemagne just speaks the truth, dear fwab. We TRULY have no idea what we’re talking about, either in english or in french. The difference with us, is that we are clever enough to admit it. 😉

  7. That video is the best thing ever! Thank you for doing that. I loved seeing them in action. Or whatever you want to call it. The giggling part was the best.


  8. this video is great!! it makes us faithful podcast listeners feel like we are right there with you guys, um, except we’re not! 😉

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