Strange Dream Last Night

I’m going to the swimming pool. The place is empty. As I leave the shower to go towards the pool, I realize a huge insect – almost as big as the pool – is playing the water. It sees me and runs after me to play. As joyful as a dog. I know it’s not going to harm me but I’m annoyed and close the shower door to prevent it from entering. Its long, thin and hairy legs get stuck under the door. I moan.

What’s your theory?


8 Responses

  1. Too much pastis before bedtime? i frequently have strange dreams like that. It probably doesn’t mean anything.

  2. Perhaps you need to get new pyjamas? And meet me in Paris by the Seine for a hair-braiding session…. You promised me the moon once!

    (et “Bonne année”, ma petite grenouille préférée)

  3. There is something that is bugging you in big way that is in your unconscious(the pool). It is not a serious something. As you get to know it—this thing that bugs you can be changed into something playful and loyal( the bug is dog like, a dog is man’s best friend). You ( perhaps) don’t want to deal with what is bugging you so you try to close yourself in–but that isn’t working– and there it is there trying to get your attention.
    Or, not…

  4. A new lover wants you, you like his playful side but are not ready to take the “plunge”……;-P

  5. Don’t go further, that’s sexual!

  6. C’est Kafkaïen ce petit chien en forme d’insecte.
    J’ai une amie qui est tombée amoureuse d’un U – la lettre – en rêve; et le V était jaloux.
    Alors, u know…

  7. I haven’t the SLIGHTEST idea, but it sounds like a fascinating dream! I was dreaming lots more than usual when I was back home in the U.S. for New Year’s, and I don’t know why that is… I usually never remember my dreams. And most of them involved chocolate — go figure!

    Bonne Année, mon cher grenouille — I do hope we’ll have a chance to get together sometime very soon! BIZ.

  8. A friend has become too high maintenance- it’s overbearing. So you kill the friend…ok that last part doesn’t work

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