Death, Birth, Divorce and Move…

… are statistically the four most stressful moments in one’s lifetime. Thankfully, I just experienced the last one, which is an upgrade compared to three of these moments I simultaneously experienced when I returned to Paris 3 years ago. Nevertheless, the past three weeks have been excrutiatingly tiring and despite the few negative sides of the new place I’m mostly excited. However, I wonder how long the negative sides are going to remain just a little anecdote of whether they are going to turn me into a freak show. Let me explain, I thought there must have been a hyperactive child upstairs or a person practicing for the Paris Marathon as someone kept on running back and forth the apartment above. Well, little did I know…


Last night, Favorite Mr B decided to go and talk to the restless child’s parents and ask them if they could make sure the child didn’t wear clogs when practicing for the race. That’s when we understood that the family upstairs not only had one child but… seven. Seven Chinese children living above me didn’t sound like the Sound of Music exactly. For when Maria Von Trapp sang “A Captain with 7 children, what’s so fearsome about that?” she didn’t have to cope with the Chinese bedtime songs, Chinese karaoke on Saturday morning and children jogging back and forth in the apartment above as if they were possessed by Jin Jao the Black Dragon.


I mean, who has seven children these days anyway?


But this is not the scariest thing of course. As Mama Asia upstairs thinks it’s a great idea to take this whole little Chinese child-colony to go out and play outside our windows on Saturday afternoon. No, the scariest thing is how Mother China decides to take her children out in the courtyard wearing… pajamas. And I mean SHE is the one wearing them, not the kids. But unlike Maria Von Trapp who designed pajamas out of colourful curtains from a fancy mansion on the lake side, Pling Von Trapp seems to have designed her pajamas in second hand curtains stolen from a Greyhound Bus anno 1985! But wait, she even sells the damn PJs!!!


I must say though that a good friend of mine, who belonged to the very kind and generous team of people who helped me move, witnessed the scene of Pling Von Trapp taking the kids out. She immediately had an uncontrollable crush on the said PJs and seriously considered going out wearing her own pair while shopping on Saturday afternoon. Let’s add to this that the said good friend usually refers to her own life as a musical. I just didn’t know that along pajamas, radios and computers there could also be musicals made in China.


Therefore, you understand dear readers, that after death, birth, divorce and move come Bus Curtain Chinese pajamas. But whatever happens and whoever runs above my head at 7 am on a Sunday morning. Here I am blogging for the first time in my spacious heaven, overwhelmed by the afternoon sun in my Asian part of town where I can find all my favourite Thai ingredients just around the corner.


So, wearing nothing but my new colourful Chinese pajamas, I just wanted to tell you that I’m back.



26 Responses

  1. So you’ve moved to the 13ëme?

  2. I’ve moved to the Canal de L’Ourcq in the 19th, which is like a mini 13ème but without the delicious Vietnamese restaurants unfortunately.

  3. Love the jammies!

    Can you fix aussielass’s link? There’s another “e” in it. (Elle est mon amie aussi…)

    Danke Schoën.


  4. Anyone who gets a crush on pjs has to be a friend of mine!

  5. Loving those little smiley faces on your PJs. You are now known as Captain Happy Pants!

  6. What terrible luck. At least you got a pair of sweet jammies in the deal! (And also, welcome back, you’ve been missed!)

  7. Would have preferred a photo of you modelling the PJs to be honest.

  8. This was a trick. i didn’t buy the PJs, c’mon, they’re ugly as hell, I just wanted to check how many of you had a secret crush on Chinese PJs. Many more than I thought …

  9. Nope – you didn’t trick me..they’re hideous…although I do love my purple check PJ bottoms so perhaps I have NO taste and therefore no room to talk.

    Welcome back.

  10. Greyhound bus curtains, oh my. You could not have found a more perfect descriptor.

  11. welcome back..(about time) x

  12. You are SO NAUGHTY! Those pajamas are HIDEOUS and they are NOT the adorable ones that I fell head over heels with*. I might just have to come over and swap out all your super sexy froggy pajamas with the most horrific ones I can find. I am sure that I can find some scary Sunday market in the country which will sell me some second-hand pjs from the twenties.

    After this, I have NO SYMPATHY for you, with your little Chinese army marching up and down the apartment above you :p Instead, I giggle.

    But I still adore you. Because your life is a musical too.

    * for the record, the said pajamas were white with cute little manga kittens on them! they DID have a fugly orange trim on them BUT i can defend myself by saying that I WOULD wear them if they were pink instead of orange. hehe.

  13. Excellent. They look like a Muppet Show.

  14. If those PJs were wallpaper, they would have won K&K’s recent ugliest wallpaper contest, hands down. Love the “greyhound bus curtains” analogy though – very appropriate! Glad your move went ok and hope in time the clog-dancing Von Trapp-lings will simply become “white noise” for you. THAT would send me over the edge. All I have upstairs is a piano-playing dentist who actually plays very well. He needs work on the violin though…

  15. seven children trotting back and forth, up and down 24/7 even on weekends and holidays – it would drive me CRAAAAAZY!!!! so you are very brave FwAB! à ta santé! 🙂 and am looking forward to the following episodes in the 19ème arrondissement (starring the 7 chinese dumplings)

  16. *hands you a pair of ear-plugs*

    Poor guy.

  17. ah but these pj are very comfortable and warm. Last week I bought new sets for everyone at home, found them at the Wilson market at 50% off.

  18. I simply MUST have a pair of those PJ’s as well! One size fits all??

  19. AS those PJ bottoms are very ridiculous they do not beat my crazy ass wall paper in my living room. Remember? The motorcross? for now we have decided to leave up. So, I suggest you put on those jammie pants and come over for a photo shoot in my living room and then I think we’ll have something truly hideous .

  20. They are so cutely Chinese – my old flatmate would have worn them very happily. Gotta love them for that. oh and best of luck in your new place. Hope you love kids! ? 🙂

  21. So great to see you back, Froggie! And I’m glad your move went well, thanks to help from great friends. MWAH! (thank goodness those PJs were a joke…)

  22. Even a die-hard Sound of Music Fan can’t take it Cantonese opera-stylee then?


  23. WOW! I’m glad you are back – and moving can DEFINATELY be stressful. I would pay anything to see you wearing nothing but pajama bottoms. I miss you!

  24. I have Chinese babies in stereo, and of course the babies upstairs are all preparing for a be-clogged Yellow Riverdance, the aspiration of all Franco-Chinese youth. But they never complain when I have a loud party, so I have just decided to live with it.

  25. Maybe Mother China came to France by way of California? Because wearing pajamas out and about town was quite a trend here, especially with teens and twenties, about four years or so ago. Now it’s not as common but there’s a residual pajama wearing habit seems to have permanently permeated the culture. I see folks of almost any age out in pajamas from time to time – at the market late at night, to rent a video, at Starbucks. Last year they wanted to change the high school dress code to ban pajamas. (It never passed the committee.) Although I don’t wear pajamas out in public, I find it at least less annoying than ugly sweat pants that people wear. I do, however, sometimes wear a butterfly tiara or pumpkin hat in public, so I guess I’m not the one to judge anyone else.

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