I just remembered I had a blog. (in love with Miss Teen USA)

Dear readers,


I had two options, to either post about the fact that I have no inspiration at the moment or post about something that I stole from youtube which ultimately is a proof that I have no inspiration at the moment. Somehow, I chose the latter.


It must’ve been 2 nights ago when I was surfing through youtube (a bad habit but I know i’m not alone…). Around 1.36 am, I found it. The Youtube star video of the moment. I hadn’t heard about it before 1.36am two nights ago. It changed my life. I seriously hate beauty pageants although she and I once had the opportunity to go to the Miss Thailand contest in Bangkok as the company I worked for was sponsoring the ordeal. Needless to say that the half naked women on stage didn’t catch my attention as much as the complimentary buffet did. Thankfully the whole event was in Thai and I therefore had absolutely no idea what was going on during the popular meaningful question session. It must have been pretty similar to this:

Logically, the fantastic world of the internet embraced this new star and millions of inspired video responses and TV shows were posted and referred to the above mentioned South Carolina Miss Teen USA.

Bad taste but nontheless hilarious variations came to life quickly

While her whole family became the target of all jokes,

Finally, songs were written and you can be sure that this girl is on her way to be an iconic cultural reference in a few weeks.

Finally, let me show you how much smarter and more beautiful our French contestants are:

And yes, you’re free to say that I’m an arrogant prick.


15 Responses

  1. Hey, you, Ze very Best Frog in the world, I linked yu in my infernal Tumbeuler Machine, … hope yu like it ( ? ) 🙂

  2. Oh god, and to make matters worse, she’s a Carolina girl! I’m so ashamed I could curl up and DIE!

  3. Teehee. This is just what I needed.
    (Vivi, I bleed for you, darling)

  4. Argh, I hate the fact that I can’t watch these vids at work! I’m gonna have to log on again at home tonight… Frog, you’re killin’ me!

  5. So, I guess it’s contagious? Not only in the USA – congenital stupidity abounds…. ;-P
    I loved the song – that just cracked me up Frog!!

  6. No inspiration? Maybe another vacation is in order. I first saw the spoofs before the real video and found them midly amusing, the original is just so much better.

  7. Man, some of these videos turned me on !!

  8. Now I remember why I moved! At least she doesn’t have the launch codes.

  9. Frog, these clips made my day! i was having a bad day, but Miss South Carolina was having a far worse one. My opinion on the matter is: “I personally believe, she needs a betrer education like South Africa and the Iraq and such as”. 😀

    btw, your suggestions were hillarious!

  10. anonymous me…

  11. Some days I wonder if the planet is safe in the hands of the people who will ultimately pay my pension.

  12. omg frog—what are you doing??! I know you’ve moved, but here I am checking…..no post…checking….no post….hmmm-checking….no post….sheesh.

  13. Thought you might like to know,given your reference to our tedious experience that evening (although we did run into Kim Jong Il, if you remember!) I’m currently tutoring the current incumbent of Miss T.W. She’s a lovely girl, but has a bit of a zit problem. Just goes to show that nobody is perfect (except for us, of course!)

  14. Since I stopped watching TV here, I had not seen this clip before! Not that I follow teen beauty pageants either. That was so funny.

    That song was Excellent!

  15. Moi aussi, j’aime beaucoup Lova Moore ! (I’ve read a fair few books than Miss France though).

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