Fwabbing it up!


Today, Frog with a Blog takes you on a journey to transform a rainy late summer day into pure contemporary art. Tired of the French rainy summer? Feeling for a ray of art in the summer gloomy sky? Today is a religious holiday and you have no idea why? Rest assured, Frog with a Blog is here to give you advice you are not about to forget.

1) Get up at 4pm

2) Call one of your favorite Fag-Hags*

3) Chat for 2 hours

4) Decide on an exhibition

5) Realize together that you woke up too late and all exhibitions are already closed.

6) Decide to meet to go to movies instead

7) Get there when sold out

8) Find plan B

9) Walk in the rain with afore mentioned fag-hag.

10) Eventually remember that the Palais de Tokyo is open till midnight.

11) Pay a lot of money to see lousy exhibition

12) Finally fwab it all up™ by turning your beloved fag-hag into art worth admiring.

13) Isn’t she lovely?

* Special message to Kyliemac’s mom (who apparently reads this blog): Fag hag is not an insult, quite the contrary, in gay language it means the gay man’s best friend. (I thought I’d add that ‘cos if the Mom’s as tough as the daughter, I’m in trouble.)


4 Responses

  1. Genius!! This is just too good – hats off to both of you

  2. First of all, that was fantastic as always. Kylie, I so admire your ability to be in front of a camera, something I’m always embarrassed about. And it was fun having coffee and “ack” with you at Deux Magots on your birthday!

    Secondly, I want to say Hi to Kyliemac’s mom (Hi!) as I hear she reads MY blog, too. And even my own mother doesn’t read my blog regularly. I hope you weren’t embarrassed to hear your daughter saying the word “bondage” in the video clip. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even know what that word means and that she read it in a book somewhere once.

  3. Hilarious. I’ve been to the PdTokyo a few times during a lunch hour and have to admit that, yes… it sort of sucks. Though the decomposition exhibit MIGHT have been interesting.

    Kyliemac’s explanations are as good as any. I heard worse in art school.

    Believe me.

  4. … and the advice for those fans of FWAB that get up 12 hours too early and only have a 28K internet connection is?
    Advice that avoids ‘get a life’ and ‘try and sleep more’.

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