Happy Madge Day

madgesty.jpgToday should be national holiday. Her Madgesty is celebrating her 49th birthday and still looks as fresh as a warm baguette. I saw her live twice once in 2004 with Rhino and once last year. Both times, she just couldn’t get her eyes off me during the whole show, I just know it!. She asked Rhino and me to meet her backstage and sing a duet while they both said a prayer for the kabbala, I danced and performed oral stimulation on bottles of Coca-Cola, got ripped off and sent money to Malawi I left the concert feeling like she should’ve married me, we would have had so much fun together. Now I’d like to ask you a very sensitive question, but I’m afraid you might give the wrong answer and I might stop loving you, dear readers, for the rest of my life, but here we go: do you like her?

You understand that answering this questions in the negative could mean the end of a long friendship, right?

So Happy Madge Day everyone!

(Please watch this, and if you don’t start loving her after this, then there’s no hope)


16 Responses

  1. I ADORE her. I wish I was a little African boy so she’d adopt me.

    Happy Birthday your Madgesty!

  2. She is the reason I carry on, my motivation for getting out of bed each day, the light of my life, the top of my pops. Along with Mutya-era Sugababes, of course. Happy Birthday!!

  3. She rocks. Big time.
    And btw, Ms. Mac, if you were a little African boy, I’d adopt you before she got a chance to. teehee

  4. You are too late Katia, I have already filed the adoption papers on Ms. Mac. She’s all MINE!

    Yes, yes, and yes to Madge!

  5. Do I like her? When I was 12 I wanted to BE her! I was a disciple, complete with messy hair, headbands and rubber bracelets. I even made up dance routines in my bedroom! (OK, maybe I’ve divulged too much.)

  6. Vivi! How wonderful to have a soulmate! We are surely long lost sisters because I TOO used to mess up my hair, wear strings and strings of the longest black pearls I could find… and practice my “like a virgin” look.

    My mom drew the line on the crucifixes and oh… how I hated her…

  7. Don’t worry Vivi – I once practised the routines to the Virgin Tour video in the living room – complete with hairbrush mic. Forgot to close the curtains, looked up midway through Material Girl to see my brother and his nasty little mates outside, laughing at me through the window.

  8. Hmm. If she’s 49 this year, it won’t be the first time. Take it from someone who has seen her French tax returns.

  9. Happy Birthday mum !!!! :mrgreen:

  10. […] l l, c’est fou de voir comme l’anniversaire de maman fait ragir les copines. Quels bons fils ! Joyeux anniversaire mummy (et ce n’est pas un jeu de mot avec […]

  11. That was lovely. I’ve always loved Madge!

  12. Absolutement! I adore her! I admire how she has kept “fresh” all these years….she hasn’t become a parody of herself, she keeps herself artistically relevant…yep, definitely like her.

  13. Do I LIKE her?

    Oh Frog – but of course!

    Not only do I like her, I LOVE her.

    She is incomparable and a true icon. This video proves why – the creativity, the concepts, the sound. Sheer brilliance!

  14. Are ya kidding?? Do I like her? well, is the Pope Catholic? LOL! I adore her. No one can compare to her madgesty, hands down…

  15. i love her since the day she started. and this video is so moving. thanks!

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