Quick Updates & Good Spirits

I think I forgot to mention that I’m on vacation. Hence the lack of regular posting on this site. Plus I have so much to talk about, I don’t know where to start. First week, I went to Barcelona, last week, I was at my parents’ place in Bordeaux and now I’m headed for Morocco. Life is exciting. Everything would’ve been perfect if I didn’t have this killing sciatica that paralyzes my lower back, my right fesse and my leg. I’m supersticious. Sometimes. Last time I had sciatica, I went to the movies. It was the MK2, Quai de Seine in the 19th. The seats there are so comfortable that the sciatica suddenly left my body. So yesterday, I was in such pain, I decided I would go to the same movie theater, sit there, whichever movie they played and hopefully get rid of my sciatica. They happened to show a fantastic movie there. Two Days in Paris. I highly recommend it. If you already hated France, you will hate it even more after having watched this movie. It’s great.

Believe it or not, when I left, the sciatica was gone.

All my friends say, I’m a serious basket case it’s all in my head. I swear, there are good spirits at the MK2 Quai de Seine.

Sciatica is back today.

Talking about good spirits, it reminds me of my trip to Montserrat outside Barcelona. Yes, you know Montserrat, a little monastery hanging from a cliff where Virgin Mary went “hi ya’ll there!” one day in the year 880. Well, I went hiking there. I know it’s weird to actually see the word HIKING on this blog. First time I think I’ve mentioned something about sports. Well, if you exclude the time when I jumped into a ravine full of turd and saved the day, that is… While hiking, I saw beautiful sceneries. There were definitely good spirits out there in those mountains.


The Hills are alive!


16 Responses

  1. Aaaa…that explains the hiking bit 😉

    And I’m on the next plane to Paris and MK2 – my sciatica is killing me!

    Hope we get to hear more of your vacation woes adventures!

  2. Whew! Frog – I was beginning to worry! You never returned any of my e-mails before I left for Europe and you’ve not been blogging much – so I was afraid something bad had happened. Glad to know you are OK (besides the Sciatica, which I have too – I can show you GREAT stretches that help me a lot, and so does doing yoga). I visited Montserrat in 2005 and loved it – it was so beautiful, and a naturally spiritual place. I had a fabulous time in Europe – Copenhagen was a tad boring, but we had fun in Switzerland and, of course, in France (I met the best guys in Nice – they owned a fabulous restaurant there), and a cute man named Bernard at Raidd Bar in the Marais in Paris. Ahhhhh. I drank waaaayy too much on this trip though – wine, wine, wine!

  3. Hiking around Montserrat? Exhausting! “I think I’ll just go and sit on that rock over there for a while..”

  4. Just a question – do you EVER work? *S* honestly, here i am busting my ass, and you’re “vacation this” and “vacation that”.

    apparently i have not yet reached the state of frenchness where i feel the need to demand (yes DEMAND) weeks of congés at a time.

  5. Hey, hubby is in Morocco right now if you need anything while you are there. Where are you headed? He is is Taza, just east of Fez.

  6. Trust Frog to find (fall into?!) a rock like that on vacation… Ah, I bet it was a nice little place to stop and relax while hiking!

  7. Be careful not to get caught between a rock and a hard place…….

  8. Well well…it seems the Rhinogs are not the only mountain range blessed with a giant penis.
    nice photo!

  9. LOVE the photo!

  10. Actually, knowing Frog, he might be happy to get stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  11. Damn Katia, you stole my line!

  12. The photo gives new meaning to “hard as a rock” .

  13. THAT is enough to make you keep your legs crossed!

  14. Good one Katia… FWaB, where are you when I need some dating advice on confusing Frenchmen?

  15. Darling, I miss you. I hope you have a good holiday. Eat and drink something for me, will you?

  16. Oh boy – great pic!

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